Knitting Tutorial DVDs Make Great Gifts!

You might have noticed that it's "Black Friday." It's not really a big thing—just a day when retailers everywhere introduce significant discounts on products that consumers might consider buying as Christmas gifts. Interweave participates in Black Friday Sales (and the follow up Cyber Monday Sales as well)—today you can save 50% on Books, DVDs, Magazines, and more, plus get select digital video downloads for only $5.99.

We're about to wrap up our Knitscene Spring 2015 issue and will be sharing that with you later in December, so take advantage of the sale to stock up on any 2014 issues you might have missed—Spring, Summer, and Fall are only $4 right now, and Accessories is half-off the cover price, so 32 knitted accessory patterns for $7.50 is a great deal!

If you're looking for great gifts to buy the knitters on your list (and you can totally put yourself on that list, I sure do!), we've released some incredible videos this year that would make excellent gifts.

Great Knitting Videos for Beginners
10 Knitted Dischloths from Joanna Johnson: Dishcloths are great beginner projects because they're small and generally quick to knit, plus you can try out a variety of stitch patterns. Lisa wrote more about Joanna's video here.
Continental Knitting with Biggan Ryd-Dups: One of our most popular videos this year, Biggan walks you through the basics of continental knitting. Continental knitting is simply holding the yarn in your left hand (also called picking), but if you first-learned with the yarn held in your right hand, Biggan's video will help you make the leap to this more efficient (and sometimes faster) method of knitting.
Knitting Videos for Color Lovers
Vertically Stranded Colorwork from Lorilee Beltman: It used to be intarsia or duplicate stitch were the only ways to work colorwork vertically if it's not also worked horizontally, but Lorilee worked up a technique to knit stranded colorwork designs vertically. Kathleen posted more about this video, along with a preview video, on her blog.
Slip-Stitch Knitting with Faina Goberstein: Faina created an incredible pattern to go along with this video, and shows you how to make bold colorwork patterns using slipped stitches—no carrying yarns or worrying about floats!
Mosaic Knitting Basics with Joanna Johnson: Related to Faina's video, Joanna's video teaches the basics of mosaic knitting, a colorwork technique that uses slipped stitches to create beautiful colorwork patterns without stranding. These two videos together would make an excellent package for anyone looking to start with colorwork knitting—if you can knit stripes, you can work slip stitches and mosaic knitting!

Knitting video tutorials make great gifts—take advantage of our Black Friday Sales to encourage the knitters in your life to expand their knitting skills!


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