Handmade Is Hot: 6 Knitting Trends You Need this Winter

We love knitting. That’s why we’re all here, right? (Here on the Interweave website, that is, not here on earth.) But sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, making the same old things in the same old colors using the same old techniques. As our knitting becomes routine, it loses some of its magic and we can start falling out of love with our craft. When this happens, we need a jolt of fresh knitting inspiration to reinvigorate us.

If you need to shake up your projects, we’ve got the knitting trends and techniques you need to revitalize your crafting life! Find a trend or a new-to-you technique in this list that appeals to you, pick a project, and get knitting.

Top 3 Trends

Winter Whites

Winter and white wearables go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie. Most of us are usually drawn to colors, but classic white really can’t be beat for winter garments and accessories. It’s fresh, crisp, and provides a clean and clear slate to showcase all sorts of techniques.

Luxury Knits

As certain beloved Parks and Rec characters would say, treat yo self. You deserve a little pampering, so indulge your extravagant side with one of these products featuring gorgeous photography, stunning patterns, and indulgent yarns. Making one of these patterns is a luxurious experience from start to finish.


When it’s cold outside, there’s absolutely nothing better than snuggling up at home with a comfy sweater, a big blanket, a book, and a warm drink. Hygge, the Danish art of cozy living, embodies that sense of warmth and home; embrace it this winter with cozy garments, accessories, and home décor.

Top 3 Techniques


Sure, winter is great for whites, but it’s also a great time for color! When the days are dark and gray, sometimes you need a pop (or more) of color to revive your weary spirits. Colorwork is a great way to incorporate a lot or a little color into your knitwear. Try a sweater with colorwork at the hem and cuffs for a dash of color, or really lean in to this trend with a colorwork pullover or cowl.


Brioche is one of the hottest knitting trends out there, and it shows no sign of stopping. With its complex structure and beautiful rib-like texture, brioche can be tricky to master. It’s worth giving it a try, though, because the fabrics you can create with this technique are stunning! And once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to use it in all your projects.


Cabled knitwear is classic for a reason—cables just never go out of style! From pullovers to cardigans to cowls to mittens, you can find (and make) cables on any project. And because there are infinite variations on this classic technique, you’ll never get bored when you knit cables. Check out one of these patterns for a new take on an old favorite!

I hope these trends and techniques give you fresh knitting inspiration! What are your favorite knitting trends and techniques? Let us know in the comments!

Happy knitting,

Featured Image: Handmade is hot (Credit: Getty/Sergey Ryumin)

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