Knitting the Bethany Cardigan (It's a Free Pattern!)

The Bethany Cardigan by Mathew Gnagy
Bethany Cardigan, back view

It’s been in the 90s here in Spokane, and as much as I love warm weather, it’s a little toasty even for me. I don't much feel like getting out my knitting needles when it's this hot!

So I’ve been spending time indoors, watching videos on Craft Daily. My latest favorite is Knitting Daily TV episode 710, in which Eunny Jang sits down with designer Mathew Gnagy, designer and author of Knitting Off the Axis. He's fantastically creative, and his sweater designs are truly beautiful.

The sweater Eunny and Mathew discuss is the Bethany Cardigan, and it's a real stunner.

To start the Bethany cardi, you cast on a small amount of stitches (24 to 34 stitches, depending on which size you're knitting), and work from the bottom up. You end up with a sort of upside down pear shape, surrounded by panels of pretty moss stitch.

To knit the sides and fronts, stitches are picked up along the back panel and knit outward. The rest of the sweater is knitted sideways, which is Mathew's signature design technique.

The sides of the sweater are welted to ensure a close fit, and then the armholes are created by knitting a couple of short-rows and then casting on stitches for the sleeves.

There is a flattering moss stitch panel above the bust, as well as on the sleeves. It's all very architectural with a Victorian twist.

I know this all sounds complicated, and it is a bit, I won't lie to you, but it's fun knitting—challenging and enjoyable. My favorite kind!

Here's the segment from Knitting Daily TV, where Eunny and Mathew help this all make sense:

The video also gives a tutorial on short-rows, which are integral to the shaping of Bethany, and the cable cast-on, which is used to cast on sleeve stitches.

It's everything you need to get started making the Bethany Cardigan.

I think you should join me on Craft Daily. Subscribe today, watch KDTV episode 701, download the free Bethany Cardigan pattern, and cast on!


P.S. Have you knit the Bethany Cardigan? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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