5 Reasons Knitting Socks Is Better than Buying Socks

“You know you can just buy socks, right?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had some snarky muggle ask me this while I’m knitting socks in public. Yes, I’m aware you can buy socks at the store. However, hand-knit socks are so much better than store-bought socks. Here are five reasons why.

They fit

If you’re making socks for your feet specifically, they’re going to fit so much better than anything you buy at the store. Store-bought socks are made to fit an “average” foot. An average fit means it will generally fit onto your foot and usually won’t fall off; it’s a pretty low bar. However, most of us don’t have “average” feet. We have high arches, square toes, shapely calves, narrow heels, different size feet, etc. Why settle for socks made for generic feet when you can have socks custom-made for your own lovely feet?

knitting socks

Never again will your socks slide off!

They’re comfie

Like so much of ready-to-wear, socks are rarely made with natural fibers anymore. There are a handful of wool- or cotton-blend socks out there, but they’re mostly made out of nylon, polyester, or acrylic, which don’t breathe at all. It’s basically like wrapping your feet in plastic wrap. If your feet sweat at all, they get all gross and stinky. On the other hand, if you knit your own socks, you can choose the fiber mix that works for you. Wool is antimicrobial, which means less smelly socks. There are cotton blends for those of you who like your feet to be a little cooler. You can even get cashmere-blend yarns for a little extra luxury. Whatever your foot needs, you can find a yarn to suit.

Don’t be that person. Knitting socks in wool will keep your feet from getting stinky.

They’re fancy

Things that are ridiculously hard to find: a pair of nice black dress socks. It seems like most stores carry novelty socks and athletic socks, and that’s it. What are you supposed to wear with your wingtips? I’m not judging if you want to wear poop-emoji socks to your wedding, but there are other options! You can make a lovely pair for formal occasions, knitting socks that perfectly match your suit or tie. It just adds a classy touch to your footwear.

There are many ways to celebrate your special day; this doesn’t have to be one of them.

They’re any color you want

Not into black or white socks? Good news, everyone! Sock yarn comes in all the colors. No, really: all the colors. If you need some sedate brown socks to wear with loafers, you’re covered. If you need rainbow-explosion socks to wear to a Grateful Dead concert, you can find it. If striped socks make your heart sing, there are self-striping yarns that do all the work for you. No matter what color you’re into, there is a yarn to match.

I’ll take one of each, please!

They Don’t Have to Match

If you’re buying socks, you’re pretty much stuck with matching socks. Unless you work out an epic single sock swap (or have an exceptionally greedy washing machine), you’re always going to have identical socks. However, there’s no reason socks have to match. Have fun with your feet! You can use the same yarn and two different sock patterns, for a pair of “coordinating” socks. Use the same pattern with a solid and a handpainted yarn and see how the latter pools. Or forgo matching entirely! You can’t fall victim to Second Sock Syndrome while knitting socks if you never make a matching sock.

All the cool kids have mismatched socks.

Do you prefer knitting socks or buying them?

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