Knitting season is on the horizon

Relaxing with Poppy in my hammock chair
Lately Cardigan by Josh Bennett
Kennedy Sweater by Anniken Allis

I was sitting at my desk with two fans blowing on me, dreaming of a beautiful, crisp fall day, when the mailman arrived with a big manila folder. Inside was the new issue of Knitscene—the fall issue! Not exactly a temperature changer, but a girl can dream of fall, especially with the beautiful visual aids from Knitscene.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer with all of its fun, carefree activities like swimming in one of our local lakes, barbeques, and swinging in my hammock chair, but fall is my favorite season by far. So getting a glimpse of it with this fab issue of Knitscene is a real treat.

Here's editor Lisa Shroyer to tell you more:

We've been waiting.

We've been waiting for the fall knitting. We've been waiting through spring's slow ascent, through the edges of summer; the heat rolling in, the trees budding, greening, growing limp in the sunny dryness of June.

I've run a hand, wistfully, across the tops of the tight wool skeins in the tub by my desk. I've eschewed them for the cotton blends that seem more practical. I stopped knitting altogether for a few weeks, a few weeks in which my life was complicated and busy and full of work, friends, and other creative endeavors—but I missed the stitches.

Now, with summer fully settled in, I know it's coming. Fall. And I reach for a rich tweedy wool, and I cast on for an afghan. My dear friends are getting married soon, and I want to make them a big, heavy, cold-weather-ready afghan.

Bridget Hoodie by Carol Feller

And the cycle renews itself—I become addicted to knitting, wool on steel needles, the idea of autumn.

Maybe we wax too poetic about fall, we knitters. In this issue, we go beyond the edge of reason and delve into the dream completely—with ethereal, fantastical knits in "Ethereal," classic, woolly staples in "Forever Knits," and the timeless work of designer Rosemary (Romi) Hill. It's open season for us. Let's jump right in!

Peace and happy stitches,

I think I'll take my copy of Knitscene out to my hammock chair; what a perfect combination of summer and fall!

Get your Fall 2012 Knitscene today and start your fall planning with me!


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