Oh, Canada! Kick Off Your Knitting Season in British Columbia

Is your passport up to date?

A few weeks ago, Lisa Shroyer popped into my office and spoke a jumble of words at me that included spa, gardens, inn, ocean, retreat, wine, and knitting. Lisa, you had me at spa—no need for the hard sell. She was asking me if I would like to attend the latest Interweave Escapes weekend, taking place on a little island just outside Vancouver, Canada. Naturally, I accepted the offer immediately and began dreaming of wild Pacific salmon on my plate, walks on the beach, fall foliage, chilly evenings wrapped in wool, and most of all, the sweet sound of many knitting needles clicking away.

Turning to my computer, I pulled up my browser and typed in “Galiano Island, British Columbia.” My eyes were filled with images of lush gardens, oceanfront views, and a cozy, elegant inn with porches beckoning me to sit with my WIP and a glass of wine, chat with a few new knitter friends, and listen to the surf roll in to the shore.

The prospect of a weekend full of wool, wine, and perhaps a massage was sweetened when I happily discovered that my designer friend Kyle Kunnecke is the workshop instructor. He’s a colorwork master who is gracious, kind, and eager to share his vast knitting knowledge. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to sit in on his class, as there is always something new to learn about knitting, regardless of your experience level.

Just as I was mentally packing my suitcase for the weekend, a memory jolted me back to reality: my passport’s expired! My dreams of Canadian hospitality, the beach in autumn, and a steam facial were quickly fading away until one of my sagacious colleagues directed me to the very helpful www.rushmypassport.com. A few quick clicks, the snap of a photo, and a some extra (worthwhile) dollars later and my renewed passport is on its way to me with ample time to spare.

So get your passports ready and join me at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa this October and we’ll toast the fall: our season, knitting season.

With love,
Meghan Babin

See You on the Shores of Galiano Island!


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