Escape with me to Oregon!

If you had one weekend to spend any way you wanted, what would you do? How about traveling to a scenic location, staying in a cozy lodge with likeminded people, knitting and eating good food and laughing all weekend? Throw in a visit to a historic sheep ranch, rafting the Deschutes River, fly fishing, and learning to knit Fair Isle and Continental style, and you’ve got a recipe for an epically good time. Knitting retreats for the win!

Enjoy views of the river as you knit with new friends in Oregon.

Interweave Escapes Oregon will take place September 29-October 2 in Maupin, Oregon, on the banks of the Deschutes River. Join our gaggle of knitters in Portland, from whence we’ll depart by coach bus for Maupin and the Imperial River Company Lodge. And guess who’s coming along? My mom and me!

knitting retreats

My dear sweet mama, Nancy Shroyer, will be our featured teacher this weekend, and I’m tagging along to help out and hang out with y’all. I recently attended the first Interweave Escapes trip in Lake Tahoe, so I can tell you firsthand what to expect on one of these retreats.


– Good company! The women and men who traveled with us to Lake Tahoe were funny, interesting, serious about knitting, and were the kind of people who are drawn to nature and beautiful places.

– Good classes. In Oregon, we will learn to knit Continental style with the yarn in the left hand, and to knit stranded colorwork. Each Interweave trip features two three-hour classes; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. My mom is a prolific teacher and these two are her most popular classes—they sell out at most events she works.

knitting retreats

Chris Bylsma taught two-color brioche knitting at Interweave’s Lake Tahoe retreat in May.

– Good food. Our charming trip coordinator, Doreen, chooses lodges will full-service kitchens that cook up irresistible meals. In Tahoe, the food was awesome. At each meal, we shared tables and got to know each other, and even shared our indulgent desserts at dinnertime.

Lovely accommodations. I enjoyed a room with a king bed and a balcony overlooking Lake Tahoe on the last trip. I bought a six-pack of local beer, which I kept in my mini-fridge, and in the afternoons between activities, I sat and knitted on the balcony, enjoying a beer and watching the waves come in. I was working, technically, but man did I feel relaxed!

knitting retreats

Imagine the incredible smell of pines and the lapping sound of the lake from this seat. Bliss.

– Adventures with awesome views. The Deschutes River will be outside our window at the lodge, and we’ll also have options for white-water rafting and fly-fishing lessons. The lodge has plenty of outdoor seating where you can knit and enjoy the view, which might be adventure enough!

– Once in a lifetime experience with SHEEP. We’ll be taking a trip to the Imperial Stock Ranch, which has a rich history as an American sheep ranch, serving up wool for both the commercial textile industry and handknitters.

– Social time with new friends. In Tahoe, we enjoyed down time with knitting in the common area (with a bottomless cookie platter), and we also got to spend extra time with the teacher going over our new skills in a casual setting. These Escapes are small events, so you have a chance to get to know everyone by the end of the weekend.

– Silliness with my mama and me. My mom and I are very close and we’ve been blessed to both work in the yarn industry. There’s nothing we love more than throwing a party and making new friends. Look for two curly-haired women knitting, knee-slapping, and enjoying wine and cheese in the lobby. That’ll be us; we hope you join us. And if you come alone and don’t know anyone, don’t you worry about a thing—we’ll make sure you fit in and have a great time.

Find all the details on the Oregon trip here; then sign up for your spot here. And keep in mind, you’re welcome to share a room with a friend or partner, if you’d like to bring someone along for a magical weekend. Even if your companion doesn’t knit, this area offers plenty of outdoor recreation, including hunting, water sports, fishing, and cycling, as well as relaxation. The folks at the lodge can help your buddy plan a non-knitting weekend.

Go talk to your bestie/spouse/knitting buds and sign up today! I’ll see you there.


Join Lisa in Oregon with Interweave Escapes!


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