Knitting Retreat and the Key to Happiness

Does travel make us happy? As someone who heads out of town as often as possible, I’d say, “Absolutely!” But according to a Harvard Business Review article, the answer is more complicated. “Poorly planned and stressful vacations eliminate the positive benefit of time away,” says Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage. Should you skip the travel for a home-based knitting retreat in 2019? No way.

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Your knitting retreat will help you get back to work as a happier person. Photo credit: Martin Leigh/Cultura/Getty Images

The secret to a happy-making vacation is in how you do it. “The less the stress, the more likely you will experience a positive benefit from the time off,” says Achor. He offers four tips: Get help planning the details, plan more than a month in advance, travel far from home, and meet with someone knowledgeable at the location. Travelers who followed these guidelines had happier trips and lower stress when they returned; others got little to no benefit from their vacations. In other words, the right knitting retreat makes you happier before, during, and after the actual trip. Take it from the hundreds of knitters who have traveled with Interweave Escapes.

Your knitting retreat will make you happier if it takes you far from home, but there’s no need to camp out with your needles! Photo credit: Cavan Images/Getty Images

Where Every Knitter Knows Your Name

Last December, I joined a group of about 25 knitters (plus a few spouses, parents, and adult children) at Interweave Escapes in Camden, Maine. The Camden sessions of Escapes are so popular that they often sell out right away, and this class was filled with returning knitters. Almost everyone who walked through the doors at the Camden Harbour Inn had been there before, and the rest had been on other Interweave Escapes in the past, to Imperial Stock Ranch or Lake Tahoe or another event. We all breathed deeply, pulled out our knitting, and sat down in the Inn’s cozy living room to look out over the famous windjammers in Camden’s port. Some had come from a few hours away and some from across the country.

What makes this experience so special? It’s not just one thing. Each location lends its own special sense of place, whether it’s the crisp salt air of the Maine coast or the serene blue depths of Lake Tahoe. There’s the sense of comfort, because the hotels that host Interweave Escapes specialize in pampering their guests with attention to detail, and the food is exceptional. Individualized attention from the best knitting teachers keeps your mind (and needles!) active, and each knitter works at her own pace. At the end of her first retreat, Kerry Bogert pointed out that the skills and knowledge she gained were a little piece of happiness to take home, too. Ultimately, an Interweave Escape offers the chance to pause your hectic life and carve out some dedicated time to renew yourself.

—Anne Merrow

Featured Image: The iconic Marshall Point Lighthouse is a scenic 30-minute drive from the Camden Harbour Inn location of Interweave Escapes. Forrest Gump ran there, and remember how happy he was? Photo credit: gregobagel/iStock/Getty Images.

Increase your happiness with a knitting retreat in 2019!

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