Knitting On the Road – all errata

Corrections in PDF files are usually highlighted in or in bold font. Your edition of this book may already include some, or all, of these corrections because corrections are made before each reprinting. In addition, please note the following text-only corrections:

Page 16 – Canada. Under leg, last paragraph: "… as indicated on chart 3 over the last 3 sts on needle #1 and first 3 sts on needle #2, and the last 3 sts on needle #3 and the first 3 sts on needle #4, and work…"

Page 54 – New England. Under leg, first paragraph: "…35 sts on needle #2, 16 sts on…"

Page 54 – New England. Under heel, turn heel, Row 1: Sl 1, k1 over 21 sts, ssk, turn.

Page 65 – Santa Fe. Under foot, first paragraph: "…Work foot chart for 17 rounds…"

Page 74 – Christmas in Tallin. Under leg, third paragraph: "Follow leg chart, decreasing 2 sts…"

 Page 80 – Traveler's Stockings. Under shape leg, third paragraph: "…#3 and #4 (see chart 2)…"

Page 87 – Uinta Cabin. Under foot, shape toe, fourth line: "Second Decrease Round: *K5, k2tog; repeat from *."

Page 95 – Whitby. Under shape toe, second paragraph: "…needle #1, k2tog, k1, K1, ssk at…"


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