Knitting Lace Faster with addi Turbo Rockets!

You guys, knitting lace terrifies me. I haven’t had a lot of practice knitting lace because my personal style influences me to knit a lot of stockinette, garter, and textured fabrics. I really put myself out there for the Knits Summer Fiber Journal and knit lace swatches . . . in laceweight yarn. What was I even thinking?! Okay, okay, once I got over the initial shock it was actually a lot of fun. I just needed to practice a bit first and get used to the stitch pattern, which I pulled from the cover project, the Clemente Tank by Mary Anne Benedetto. Plus, I knit them on our rockin’ addi lace needles, which always make any kind of knitting more rewarding!

Knitting Lace: Lace swatches from Knits Summer 2016 Fiber Journal

Lace swatches from Knits Summer 2016 Fiber Journal

If you are planning some summer knitting—anything lace or socks—these are the perfect needles for the job. You can seriously zoom with these guys. The Turbo tips and smooth metal make for easy, clean insertion and swift knitting. This set includes 40″ fixed circulars in sizes 00–2, which allows for a large number of stitches, such as for a lace shawl, and for magic loop socks! These smaller sizes of addi needles are off just a touch from the CYCA needle standards in terms of millimeters, so just be sure to double check that when you are swatching for gauge.

I’ve pretty much stopped using pairs of straight needles completely, and just work projects back and forth on circulars. It’s more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about dropping one and losing it to the couch or down the airplane aisle. I keep a few around because they are gorgeous and I don’t want to part with them, but I don’t remember the last time I used them. I started knitting Amy Gunderson’s Venice Top from Knits Summer, which has a lace rib around the main part of the body and a twisted chevron pattern for the top front and back. I’m currently swatching and the smoothness of the needles helps me just focus on the stitch pattern.

Knitting Lace: Lace rib swatching with addi Turbo Rocket lace needles

Lace rib swatching with addi Turbo Rocket lace needles

I think I am beginning to enjoy knitting lace. It’s always daunting at first to get comfortable with the stitch pattern, and I usually have to start over a million times during the process. But that’s okay! A huge part of knitting is learning, and I really love learning. Now, if I could just be a little more okay with learning to crochet so I can finish a project I’ve had on the hook for a while now . . . but I am happy to take a break from that and knit this cute summer top with these addis!

Get your set of addi lace needles and the brand-new Summer issue of Interweave Knits and get lace knitting for summer!

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