Knitting Lace: 10 Free Knitted Lace Patterns

Knitting lace. The very phrase evokes clouds of soft finery, light enough to pass through the proverbial wedding ring. But lace isn’t just for weddings!

Lace is now vibrant, and modern, and more popular than ever! Today, everything from hats to sweaters incorporates the beauty of knitted lace; knitting one’s first lace scarf or shawl has become a rite of passage in the knitting community.

In this collection, Knitting Lace: 10 Free Knitted Lace Patterns, we’ve tried to capture the range and versatility that is lace knitting today. New to this collection is a stunning lace blouse, a lace-topped Henley-style pullover, and a pretty lace and garter-stitch shrug.

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Henley Perfected by Connie
Chang Chinchio.
Lace knitters will love this Henley. Connie combines a delicate lace pattern and stockinette in just the right quantities, in just the right yarn, for a beautifully versatile knitted lace pullover. A small stand-up collar and a deep roll-edge placket lined with tiny buttons add simple, graceful finishes.
Oriel Lace Blouse by Shirley Paden.
A gently fitted silhouette and belled sleeves are the perfect foil for an intricate allover lace knitting pattern of interlocking arches. Shirley Paden used a slightly variegated silk ribbon to keep the top light and airy. The close-fitting collar closes up the back with a row of small buttons.
Sophia Shrug by Betty Monroe.
A simple rectangle, cleverly bordered and seamed, turns into this versatile lace knit shrug. A drapey elongated-stitch pattern folds easily into a
shawl collar or stands up for warmth; while garter stitch turned on its side flows across shoulders, stretches to pin closed, and snaps back for
wearing open.

There are seven more patterns for you, too. You’ll find everything from a super-simple knit lace scarf with a one-row  pattern to an intricate shawl that grew out of Iceland’s rich fiber traditions. We have an easy hat with lace motifs knitted out of sock yarn; a pair of lacy fingerless gloves, a lace cardigan knitting pattern designed around the beloved feather-and-fan pattern; and of course, two perennial favorites: a popular triangular lace shawl and an easy rectangular lace scarf.

Whether you’re a long-time lace knitter or a knitter looking for your very first lace knitting pattern, you’ll find free lace patterns that you love.

Download Knitting Lace: 10 Free Knitted Lace Patterns now and cast on a beautiful lace knitting project!



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    The links to Knitting Lace: 10 Free Knitted Lace Patterns only go to I can’t find the patterns from the article. Help!

  2. Amanda H at 9:23 am June 25, 2017

    I get the same thing! Shame, look like really nice patterns.

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