Knitting in the New Year

As hard as it is to believe, 2014 is here. I like the idea of knitting in the new year…not just the action of doing knitting in 2014, but the idea of welcoming in 2014 with knitting (like ringing in the new year, but knitting in the new year instead!). It creates a fun visual in my head of the new year being another row knit, a new direction, maybe (hopefully) new challenges, but ultimately just one more part of the fabric that makes up a life. 

Here's a look at the some of the projects we have in Knitscene Spring 2014 to help you welcome in this new year of challenges, possibilities, and the soothing click of your needles.

Sugar Grove Shawl

Mallory Hills Shawlette

Corrina Ferguson's designer collection has two shawls, the Sugar Grove Shawl and the Mallory Hills Shawlette. Whether you're a shawl aficionado or this is your first shawl attempt, these patterns are both fun and beautiful.

J. Watson Shawl – Megi Burcl

Sign of Four Scarf – Annie Watts

As you may or may not remember, in my introductory blog post last year I spoke of my eternal love for all things Sherlock Holmes. The Deductions story in this issue playfully takes on the Arthur Conan Doyle canon, and is a fantastic opportunity not only to knit garments with intriguing cutouts but also to re-read some classic literature.

Rietveld Sweater – Mari Chiba

Van Doesburg Pullover – Julia Farwell-Clay

Challenge yourself to use black, white, and gray yarn as backdrops for accents of bright colors with the projects in Primary Values.

Fire Opal Tee – Allyson Dykhuizen

Amazonite Tank – Kerri Blumer

If you're looking for rich, luxurious colors and styles, the gem toned knits in Bejeweled will definitely be your cup of tea.

 This issue is on newsstands January 14th, but is available for pre-order and digital download. We hope you enjoy it, and wish you a very happy new year of knitting!

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