Knitting in Marsala: The Color of the Year


Introducing Marsala, Pantone 18-1438
Every year, Pantone, a company that specializes in color identifying and matching, announces their color of the year.
This year, it's Marsala, a naturally robust and earthy red wine color.

I've worked with Pantone throughout my career, using their innovative system for matching colors accurately when
printing art books. Pantone has become a leader in the business of color, and each year the design world awaits for the
color of the year to be announced.

I really do love Marsala (yes, the wine, too!). It's a color that looks good on most people, bringing out the rosy in the cheeks and lips!

Virtually any pattern can be knitting in Marsala color, or a version of it, but here are some of our favorites.
A Sign of Affection Hat
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Ballyshannon Cardigan
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Hidden Picture Cowl
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Wine Country Tunic & Cowl
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Capelet with Braided Cables
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Cabled Bands Pullover
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Lucine Tunic
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Maleficent's Cloak
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Rose Red Cowl
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