Knitting in Estonia with Nancy Bush

"I discovered the knitting of Estonia when I was working on Folk Socks, which was my first book, and I found a book in the library about Estonian traditional clothing. Looking through the book, I saw wonderful mittens and socks and I knew I'd found my passion." —Nancy Bush


Knitting is so rich in history and tradition, and Nancy Bush is one of the foremost promoters of a part of this history: Estonian knitting.

Now Nancy's workshop, Knitted Lace of Estonia, is available on Craft Daily!

You'll learn so much about Estonia, lace knitting, and the techniques necessary to make traditional Estonian knits.

I've taken a class from Nancy, and I can tell you firsthand that she's a wonderful teacher. She has a gentle, no-nonsense style that makes the most complicated knitting techniques achievable.

This video focuses on the knitting of Haapsalu, Estonia. The knitters there are known worldwide for their fine, warm lace shawls.

You'll learn how to make the little bobbles, called "nupps," which make Haapsalu shawls so lovely. You'll also discover the different stitch patterns that the knitters of Haapsalu produce. My favorite is the Lily of the Valley. It's just beautiful.

Take a little trip to Estonia with Nancy Bush! Subscribe to Craft Daily today and watch Knitted Lace of Estonia!


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