Knitting in Egypt

By the time you read this, I'll be in Egypt! For two weeks! And I'm sure I'm having a fabulous time.

I'm going on the adventure of a lifetime, and I'm taking my knitting along with me. My sister lives in Cairo and my friend Mimi and I are so thrilled to be visiting her. She's a knitter, too, so we've got our leisure time all planned out.

I have a second sock on the needles, which I'm sure I'll finish on the plane, and I've started a hat that I'll knit on the deck during our five-day Nile cruise. I know, you're jealous.

I've got my iPhone all loaded up with knitting apps, too. Here are the ones I think I'll use most on my trip:

YarnU is a really good database of yarn, including gauge, weight, fiber content, and yardage. The great thing about YarnU is that there's a review of each yarn, listing pros and cons, and there's a place for comments so users can add their opinions, too. I use this a lot, in fact, I just looked up the yarn I'm using for my socks to check the washing instructions.

ConvertKnit is a good reference that gives you all kinds of conversions: English to European needle sizes, a needle sizer, warn weight definitions, and an ounce to gram converter. I often use the needle sizer in this app; it works great.

Kizmet Stitches is a stitch dictionary app with about 75 knitting patterns. There's a photo of each stitch pattern, along with a chart showing how to make it. This is a fun one to browse, and to use!

Knit Counter Lite
is one I know I'll use a lot on my trip because I plan on taking just the bare bones of knitting supplies, so I'll leave my row counter behind. This is a handy app because you can set up as many counters as you need; you can have a row counter, a sleeve shaping counter, and a neck shaping counter, for example. Plus, it's free!

And our Knitting Daily app will keep me up to date on what's going on while I'm gone.

I'll post photos when I get home.

Wish you were coming with me!

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