Knitting Goes Neon

Back in the late 80s, I had a Swatch watch with a neon orange band. It was excellent, as we used to say. The best part about it was that it matched my orange, blue, and white madras shorts from The Gap. It was all about color back then, and a lot of it.

Krypton Hat
by Megan Werdmuller von Elgg

That love of color is back, but in moderation. I like how styles come back into fashion, bringing with them the best of the original.

A pop of color is never a bad thing, and when you apply that color to a cool knitted accessory? Even better.

Megan Werdmuller von Elgg's Krypton Hat is a great way to use a touch of neon. Even its name is neonish. Is that a word?

The inspiration for her cabled hat came from the motion of bright saltwater taffy being pulled at a boardwalk taffy stand. I can totally see that in this design.

The cables in this hat grow out of the ribbing in an organic way and are staggered, creating a twisted taffy-like look.

This hat is the perfect venue for neon yarn, so we've kitted it up for you!

The yarn in the kit is Filatura Di Crosa's Sportwool Yarn, a 100 percent virgin wool, sportweight  yarn that has great stitch definition to perfectly show off the cable knitting in the Krypton Hat.

There are four colors to choose from—lime, orchid, light coral, or dark aqua.

I think I'd choose the light coral, as an homage to my old friend, the orange Swatch watch. I do love that lime, though!

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Get your Krypton Hat kit today and cast on some neon for that perfect pop of color.


P.S. Yay or nay on the new neon style? Leave a comment and weigh in!

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