Knitting Gifts: Have A Happy Hipster Holiday

When I first flipped open Interweave Knits, Gifts 2015 my first thought was, “cute hipster holiday couple!” And don’t they showed off their knitwear well?

Our Holiday Hipster Couple

Knitting gifts for the holidays has been a tradition since I first began knitting. My mother accepted a lumpy scarf, my dad a ribbed hat for shoveling snow and my sister a first pair of mittens (one of which has been lost forever in the frozen tundra of Minnesota). I always started too late and was up knitting into the wee hours of Christmas morning. There are many times were I’ve stuck partially finished gifts into boxes and wrapped them while their contents still remained on the needles. I always included a sweet, hastily written note that the gift would be finished shortly. I’ve decided there is no shame in this and takes the pressure off of finishing that gift on time and being able to enjoy Christmas Day.

Which brings me back to Knits, Gifts 2015 and the cute hipster couple. I found myself drawn to several projects in the issue, not just because they were beautiful, but also because I could possibly finish them before that December 25th deadline. Knitting gifts for Christmas used to be something I strived to do for all the people I loved, but since my personal knitting time has become precious and few I’ve selected a few designs that I would love to tackle for Christmas present and Christmas future.

My favorite being the Winter Thyme Cowl by Moira Engel.

Winter Thyme Cowl

Winter Thyme Cowl

I was immediately drawn to the cables, the color, wearability and repetitive ease of the pattern. Knowing that knitting gifts on a deadline is not a strength I felt certain that this cowl was not an insurmountable project and also that it would look stunning in the box despite being half-finished.

The second “hipster couple” gift that I’ve been wanting to make is for my pops, to replace that sad ribbed hat I made so many years ago. The double layered, Plain & Fancy Hat by Josie Mercier is just what I’ve been looking for with it’s duel layers of rib and cables to keep my dad’s bald head warm while he’s shoveling snow. It’s a task I’ve always hated and he’s always done without complaint my whole life. The least I could do is make him a new hat for all his hard work while I slept through early morning shoveling.

Plain & Fancy Hat

I’m already thinking about yarn in my stash that could make these presents in time for the holiday. One of my time honored holiday traditions–stash diving–has become even more thrilling since moving recently, as I have no idea where certain yarns are stuffed! But what is for certain I’ll be remembering my favorite image from Knits, Gifts 2015 while I’m knitting:


Happy Holiday Knitting!



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