Knitting Gifts with Beads and Wire

Knitting with beads and wire

Knitting with wire and beads. Get the kit for this bracelet!

I really love taking classes from Annie Modesitt. She’s a creative and talented designer, an enthusiastic and supportive teacher, and she’s so much fun!

I missed a chance to take a knitting with wire class with her a few years ago at Interweave Knitting Lab, and I was so jealous of the people walking around the show with their beautiful knitted bracelets. So I was glad to see us produce a video with Annie, where she goes in-depth on knitting with beads and wire. As Annie says, “Pairing wire with beads is magic.” I totally agree; take a look at the results!

I just watched Annie’s video, and I’m so inspired. If you’re knitting gifts, there are endless with this technique!

I’ve knitted with lots of materials, including plastic bags, leather, and plastic cording, but never with wire. I’m dying to try it! Annie makes it look like so much fun, and after watching the video, I feel totally confident in my abilities to make a wonderful piece of jewelry.

The wire comes in many beautiful colors, and when paired with beads, the finished product is just fab.

We’ve got a kit available for the copper bracelet shown below, which includes everything you need to make this beautiful piece, including Annie’s video, Knitting with Wire.

knitting with beads and wire

I love the pink bracelet on the right, too, which you can easily make with the skills you’ll learn from Annie.

Knitting with wire uses the same techniques as regular knitting, but it does require some different approaches, which Annie demonstrates beautifully. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The supplies and tools you’ll need (many of which you probably already have)
  • The type of needles that are best for wire (aluminum needles, which are included in the kit)
  • Different cast-ons that work with wire (including a special cast-on just for wire knitting)
  • How to deal with the tail (that’s the spiral you see in the top right photo)
  • How to manipulate the needles while knitting with wire (to make the actual knitting easier)
  • How to add beads (for the bracelet, you add them on the cast-on and bind-off)
  • Binding-off with wire (you need a loose bind-off)
  • Blocking wire projects (yes, you can block wire knitting!)

My kit is on its way to me (hurry!). Get yours today and join me in knitting with wire.


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