Knitting Gifts: A Last-Minute Scarf

My mom “won” a beautiful scarf at an auction. It’s make of long strands of yarn and tied in a knot in three places to hold it all together.


My mom modeling her yarn scarf

The yarn used is novelty yarn—you know, the kind of yarn we were all knitting with in the early 2000s.

As you can see, the scarf is very pretty! The colors used are perfect for the holidays; it’s a mix of white red and brownish tones. See the closeups below.

Do you have a ton of this stuff in your stash like I do? My mom and I got out all of my old novelty yarns and went through them. They’re actually really pretty! I have lots of bright colors, and grays and maroons, of course.

We put together groups that might work for this type of scarf, and we came up with quite a few options. We’ll need to supplement a bit with some new stuff, but we’re pretty well set for some after-Christmas fun.


Closeup of my mom’s yarn scarf. I love the brown, white, and pink chain yarn; I’ve never seen anything like it!

My mom’s scarf is 7 feet long, which we both think is a bit too long. At Interweave, our long scarves are about 70 inches, which is just under 6 feet. I’ll have to experiment to see how much yarn the knots take up, but I think probably 6 inches. So I think I would try cutting the strands of yarn at 88 inches long so I would have 6 inches for each of the three knots.

This is definitely the ultimate last-minute scarf! You could make several of these tonight. Just go through your stash, do the cutting all at once, then the knot tying, then the gift wrapping!

If you’re ambitious and you want to start knitting gifts today, here are a few ideas for you.


From left to right: Joe’s Knitted Coffee Cosy, Dansk Hjerte, Humpty Bunny

Joe’s Coffee Cosy—If you have a coffee lover on your list, especially a French press lover, this cabled coffee cosy is perfect. I usually wrap a towel around my French press, but I’d much rather have this cosy. Joe’s Coffee Cosy is made to fit a four-cup French press, and it fastens with loops and knotted cords for easy on and off.

Dansk Hjerte—Designer Ann McDonald Kelly recounts, “As a child, my mother and I would make hearts like these out of red and white paper. It was important to my mother to maintain the Christmas traditions of her native Denmark and to pass them on to me.” Keep the tradition alive with the knitted version of the Dansk Hjerte.

Humpty Bunny—Enjoy knitting this bunny inspired by two famous characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (Humpty Dumpty and the White Rabbit). You could make this in red and green for Christmas, too. How cute!

We’ve also got a pretty great gift collection, called Perfect One-Skein Knitted Gifts to Give. If you’re a fast knitter, I think you could cast-on and finish two of the projects in this collection, the Arc Mittens and the Speer Hat. Both of these are unisex, just choose your colors accordingly.


Left to right: Arc Mittens, Speer Hat

I hope one of these last-minute ideas works for you, and that everyone loves their knitted gifts!


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