Knitting for Women with the Burgin Sisters

Everyone touts spring cleaning, but I think it’s kind of nice to get things cleaned up and cleaned out before hunkering down for the long winter. I’ve recently done an excavation of my closet and I found a lot of things I’d forgotten about. The dress I wore to my 8th grade semi-formal dance, the super bright pants that were a mainstay with my Birkenstocks in college, several knit hats, and some super cozy knit sweaters.

Folded in tissue paper, interspersed with old dryer sheets, the knitwear was the best find. I have things my mom made, things I made, things from work and from friends. Those of us who knit know that when you make something for someone you’re letting her/him know that she/he is important. I do not knit things for people who are not my favorite people!

Since my mom originally taught me yarn crafts, knitting for me is a very personal thing. I still have the pink (PINK!) scarf she knit for me when I was eight, when I had a an amazing patterned purple fleece winter coat. This scarf pops up in photos from childhood, as well as college (see below), and it continues to be one of my favorite things when winter comes. (Knit by a woman, for a woman! Well, I was a girl, but you know what I mean.)


Here is me, my pink scarf, and my friend Liz at the Bates Puddle Jump (you know, when you cut a hole in a frozen pond and jump in, because Maine) in college.

For sisters Sachiko and Kiyomi Burgin, knitting is also a family affair. Their grandmother taught them to knit when they were around twelve years old and both sisters grew into lifelong crafters. Knitting for women, by women, especially when those women are the Burgin sisters, shows a wonderful combination of strong silhouettes, beautiful lines, and feminine touches. Their beautiful six piece collection is featured in Knitscene Winter 2015 as our first featured designer duo. Take a look!


Kiyomi’s Queen Street Sweater has a timeless silhouette and front slit pockets.


Sachiko’s Bay-and-Gable Tunic is seamless and has a beautiful attention to detail (the back hem has a slight slit and the stitch patterning creates beautiful but subtle texture).


Kiyomi’s Deep Woods Toque uses colorwork to create a lovely tree pattern and a festive pom-pom. It is available as a gorgeous kit, just in time to start knitting for colder weather. (It’s on pre-order now but is coming soon!)


Sachiko’s Casa Loma Jacket has a great shawl collar, pockets, and toggles, wins all around!


Sachiko’s Yorkville Wrap has a cool V-shaped construction and delicate lace patterning.


Kiyomi’s Little Norway Pullover has delicate chevrons around the yoke and an adorable front accent pocket.

The idea of family members working together to create is incredibly appealing to me. This collection has pieces that shine individually but that also work together cohesively. The colors, textures, yarn choices, everything. It all works! The garments fit well, drape beautifully, and complement the female form. Kiyomi and Sachiko know what they’re doing and their expertise and style shine through!

Grab a knitting family member today and cast on one of these great projects together, a family knit along if you will. You’ll have a great time and be able to help each other through the pattern! And at the end, you can have matching knitwear. Which I’m pretty sure is the definition of winning.

Happy (together) knitting,



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