Knitting for the Jubilee

Although the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration is over, it seems a little of the celebratory spirit remains in the air.

How High?

Before we continue on to knitting jubilation, a tip of my hat (metaphorical, alas, as I do not look as good as the monarch in a chapeau) to reader Fiona Feathers, who offered a correction to my post about the Pantone Queen. Fiona pointed out that I had inadvertently given Queen Elizabeth short shrift in referring to her as “HRH” (Her Royal Highness) and—worse—just plain “Her Highness.” As Fiona notes, “The Queen is as high up the English Royal Family as it is possible to go and, as a crowned head, is referred to as 'Her Majesty'.”

Alice Starmore with a Design Fit for a Queen

Alice Starmore remembers Queen Elizabeth’s visit to her beloved Hebrides on the coronation tour. A small child, Alice was not yet a knitter, but her mother designed and knitted colorful cardigans for Alice and her sister to wear when the Queen passed.

In honor of the Diamond Jubilee, Alice has created a new design for a cowl, beret, and glove set in shades of Great Britain’s flag. The set features a crown design and a motif that evokes both the British and Scottish flags. See photos of the designs for yourself at the Virtual Yarns website.

I’m so proud to say that Alice Starmore will have an original design in the next issue of ColorKnits, which will be released later this month! Alice spoke with us from her home on the Isle of Lewis, and the issue includes a profile and video of her inspirations as a color-knitting legend.


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