Knitting for Military Families

Here at Interweave, we’ve been helping share the joy of Caron’s World’s Biggest Stocking project, which raises funds for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. This outstanding organization helps hundreds of children who have lost parents in the line of duty overcome financial struggles so they can attend college. We sat down with one such family to hear their story of how the foundation has helped change their lives for the better. Meet Lori Kleppe. of Florida!

Lori-and-Ed-KleppeWould you mind sharing some background on your situation?

Lori: I met my husband in college and he went on to become a helicopter pilot in the Navy. He had an accident involving four helicopters coming from Puerto Rico and returning to Philadelphia. I had an almost 2-year-old at the time and was expecting another. I moved to New York to be with my parents, who were semi-retired with a house in Florida. That did let me save some money for my kids for college…I was thinking I might be able to scrape by and that’s when I got the call from Fallen Patriots, who were able to fill in the rest and pay off a loan we had.

How did you first become involved with the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation?

Lori: They found me through a friend, who was actually my husband’s best friend in ROTC. They were in the Navy together. I had lunch with him, and he had done some business with a man who was on the board of Fallen Patriots. It was a total stroke of luck and good fortune.


Celebrating Evan’s graduation

What sorts of things have the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation been able to offer you that you wouldn’t have received otherwise?

Lori: The money is obviously fantastic, my kids didn’t have student loans to deal with when they graduated. You can’t minimize the impact of that. But in addition to the money … my kids grew up in a suburb of New York City where there was no presence of military people or appreciation. This was the first time that they were really made to feel that [their dad’s death] was an important sacrifice, that this was an important thing. Once they got involved with Fallen Patriots, it opened up a whole world of appreciation for them. They do a lot of work with the organization now.


Celebrating Drew’s graduation

Do you have any advice for other families who may be in a similar situation as yours?

Lori: Part of the challenge [for the Fallen Patriots] is finding the kids and connecting with them. I don’t know what to say besides learn about it. It’s a little hard at first to take the help, but it’s not all about the need. It’s about the honor and the thank you. It took me a little while to accept the help on those terms. I think it’s wonderful—people should understand that there are people who want to do that for them. The people in this organization are fantastic.

While Caron is no longer accepting blankets to be stitched into the World’s Biggest Stocking, you can still create a blanket to have it donated to military charity. Just download one of our free knit blanket patterns, purchase the necessary Caron United yarn, and get stitching! Once finished, you may send your blanket to the following address:

Caron United—World’s Biggest Stocking Project
1481 West 2nd Street
Washington, NC 27889-4157

Together, we can use our passion for knitting to continue contributing to a great cause!

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