Knitting for Daisy

Daisy, my 3-month old cocker/Cavalier mix. (She woke up just a second before I snapped this photo.)

It's supposed to be a hard winter here in Spokane, and I have a new puppy, Daisy, who's going to be cold! Her coat won't be filled in by the time we have our first snowfall, so I think I need to knit Daisy a sweater.

I'm not sure what Daisy's style is yet. She seems equal parts lover and fighter (meaning "hard player"), so it's hard for me to decide which sweater best suits her. I know you, my Knitting Daily friends, love a puppy, especially a puppy in a handknitted sweater, so I'm enlisting your help.

I've pulled four options from our eBook Dogs in Knits by Judith Swarz, and I need help deciding which sweater to knit. I need to get started pretty quick in order to be done by the time the temperature falls, so check out my choices below and click on the survey below to vote for the one you think would be best for Daisy. Thanks in advance for your help!

Classic Cabled Aran Sweater Fetching Fair Isle Jumper
This one might be my favorite. I could knit it in a peachy color to match Daisy! This one is just classic, isn't it? Fair Isle is so much fun—I love choosing color palettes for these projects.
The Party Dress The Jean Jacket
Is this the cutest thing ever, or what? I'm not sure how practical this one is, but it sure would be a head-turner. Daisy is a bit of a tomboy, so this might be the one. I love the yarn, too, and I have several skeins in my stash!

Time to vote: Here's the survey!

We have a bunch of eBooks in the Knitting Daily Store now, including Dogs in Knits and one of my other favorites: Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus. It's such a great how-to-knit book to have on your digital bookshelf (I keep a copy on my iPhone so I can reference it any time I need to); it'll help you out of a jam and teach you new knitting techniques you might stumble upon while say, knitting for dogs!


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