Knitting for Dad

I think I knit my dad five hats in the last two years, all from the same pattern. He likes super bulky, tightly knit, stockinette hats with a two-inch ribbed brim. And he likes them longer than normal so they cover his ears. He wears them out! Or he accidentally felts them . . . But they're so quick to knit that I can just whip up a new one in an evening.

For Father's Day, I think I'll knit him three of them, which should be at least one winter's supply!

Are you knitting for your dad for Father's Day? If so, it's time to get started. Knitting for men can be a bit of a challenge. Are they pickier than the gals, or is it just me? Anyway, here are some suggestions for things he'll (probably) like:

Fitz Fingerless Mitts
By Catherine Shields

These mitts are attractive, but more importantly for Dad, useful. The Fitz Mitts are knit from a sturdy wool yarn so they look great and last forever, whether Dad is working outdoors or taking the dog for a walk.

The Frost Hat
By Ashley Rao

Everyone loves a little surprise! Knit this hat and use Dad's favorite color for the contrasting facing. The all-over cable pattern is fun to knit and the double-layer brim will keep Dad's ears toasty-warm.

Three for the Road
by The Knits Staff

Are you feeling ambitious? If so, knit Dad a set of winter accessories for Father's Day!

This pattern includes three projects: a roll-brim hat, a pair of fingerless mitts, and a lovely cabled scarf.

You can whip out the hat and mitts in a couple of evenings; the scarf will take an average knitter two to three weeks of evening knitting, but since Father's Day is just over three weeks away, you've got time.

Plus Three for the Road is on sale for only a buck, so get it while you can!

Whitman Cap
By Kristen TenDyke

Does your dad have a funky style? Indulge him with this earflap hat!

Begin with the earflaps and work your way through Fair Isle snowflakes. Choose Dad's favorite colors and this is sure to be a winner.

The Whitman Cap is so cool. I wonder if I could push my dad a little out of his comfort zone and introduce a little funky-cool into his wardrobe. An accessory is the perfect way to try something new style-wise, so maybe I'll include the Whitman in Dad's hat package. Who knows? He might love it.

Download one of these patterns for your Dad, and cast on. He'll love that you made something for him, for sure. And if none of these designs say "That's my dad!" to you, we have more to choose from!


P.S. Do you have a go-to pattern for your dad? Tell us about it in the comments!

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