Knitting for Children with Interweave Knits

Barnyard Booties by Sue Flanders (Interweave Knits, Summer 2000)

When I think of the year 2000, it doesn't seem that long ago. But when I think "eleven years" that seems like a really long time! I've been pondering this because I've been browsing  Interweave Knits from 2000 ((all four issues from 2000 are now available on CD!). Remember all of the Y2K doomsday warnings? That really seems like forever ago.

Anyway, what I noticed about 2000 collection of Interweave Knits, besides the number of designs that look like they could be in the magazine today, are all of the darling designs for kids

I'm lucky to be an "Auntie" to so many of my friends' little ones. I could knit a sweater a month for all of the kids in my life, and I'd love every minute of it.

These wonderful patterns have been waiting to be rediscovered; they're not in our store or in any currently produced publication.

I love so many of the designs, but the one that made me go "Awwwww…" was Barnyard Booties by Sue Flanders in the summer issue. I LOVE THESE! They are so precious, I'd be surprised if any mom didn't save these forever.

And what a show-stopping gift at a baby shower! They're all so cute, but I think I'll go for a pair of sheep and a pair of ducks for the next baby that comes into my life. I don't know, though, those pigs are pretty special, and who doesn't love a bunny?

Here are a few more of my favorites:

This beautiful Faroe Island Cardigan by Robin Hansen (Winter 2000) is so special. It's both heirloom quality and wonderfully wearable. What an amazing gift this would be. Oh my gosh, that little bundle is so precious! The Double-Crossing Diamond Blanket (Tara Jon Manning, Spring 2000) is so cozy made out of cotton chenille yarn. 
Pam Allen's Country Cross-Stitch Pullover (Fall 2000) is such a smart look for a little guy. Worked in pink, purple, and white, it would do equally well for a little gal, too! The Kangaroo-Pouch Sweatshirt (Cathy Payson, Summer 2000) is an easy knit, and there's a dolly included in the pattern, too! Your little kanga can keep it in his or her pocket.

How cute are these designs? Grab yourself a copy of the 2000 Interweave Knits CD Collection and start knitting for kids that you love!


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