Knitting for Children: A Foxy Little Sweater

The Fox Hills Cardi is perfect for knitting for children.

Fox Hills Cardigan by Vickie Howell. Get the kit!

Knitting for children is one of the joys of the craft.

One of the gals in my knitting group has an 18-month old, and she is ADORBS. I know, all kids are darling, but little Gracie is particularly precious. She’s got one of those cherub faces with the chubby cheeks and naturally red lips, plus always-crooked pig tails, which just adds to the charm.

Her mom knits her gorgeous sweaters—lacy pullovers, garter-stitch striped cardis, and even tiny ponchos. Love. So when I saw Vickie Howell’s new cardi pattern, the Fox Hills Toddler Cardigan, I immediately thought of Gracie and her mama. It would be so perfect on little G!

I can’t wait to show my friend the cardi; it comes in a kit, which is perfect for a busy mom who’s knitting for children. It’s knit on size 9s from chunky yarn, so it works up quickly. Plus, it’s pretty tiny, so that helps in the time department, too.

That’s one of my favorite things about knitting for children, they’re usually small projects so you can get ’em done before the kid outgrows them!

Knitting for children is so much fun with the Fox Hills Cardi Kit!

Fox Hills Cardi, back view

The Fox Hills Cardi is part of the Yarncraft series, our partnership with Vickie Howell. She says: “The Yarncraft Collection celebrates the love of fiber, no matter how it’s  manipulated. It’s really important to me that knitting and crochet are accessible to all, so it is my hope that pieces I design are simple and quick enough to be completed by fellow busy people—but with just enough detail to keep stitchers interested. Enjoy!”

The Fox Hills Cardi is such a great example of Vickie’s vision for this collection. It’s quick and easy, but the colorwork and shawl collar add fun and interest.

Speaking of colorwork, the fox motifs are added with duplicate stitch, not knitted with the intarsia technique. The rest of the colorwork on the sweater is worked in the stranded method.

One thing to note about the collar: It’s a shawl collar, and is meant to be worn folded over. But our little model was so busy during the photo shoot, the collar kept flipping up. The stylists tried to get her to slow down so they could fix it, but our girl had Things. To. Do. So it looks a little like a V-neck. I think action is a trait that all toddlers share, so you might want to tack down the collar. Or you might not care! It’s so cute either way.

This project comes in two sizes, 20½-  and 23¼-inch chest circumference, including 1¾-inch front band. There’s enough yarn in the kit to make either size.

If you’re ready to get knitting for children in your life,  get the Fox Hills Cardi Kit now!



P.S. Do you love knitting for children? Leave a comment below and tell me why!

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