Knitting Daily TV is Back with All New Shows in 2010!

A note from Kathleen: I'm eagerly awaiting the new season of Knitting Daily TV. KDTV is so inspiring and entertaining; there's information on everything "yarny" you can imagine. I was so excited to see an Artfelt® segment this season—Artfelt is an innovative felting technique that results in a fabric made out of roving. We had a workshop on Artfelt at my local yarn shop, and when the samples came in the class was filled in a day. It was so much fun, too—we got to work with water and roving and form the felt into really beautiful items. I have an Artfelt pillow kit, which is absolutely stunning.

Artfelting is a great project to do with your knitting group or with someone who doesn't knit but loves felted projects. Here to introduce the new season of Knitting Daily TV-and to share an Artfelt project with you-are KDTV producers Jaime Guthals and Annie Hartman Bakken.

Get Ready for a New Season of KDTV!

Happy New Year! This past year was a great year for Knitting Daily TV—and 2010 promises to be even better as we prepare to launch the new Series 400 on public television stations nationwide later this month.

This season host Eunny Jang will welcome a new guest expert to the show: the distinguished author and designer Kristin Omdahl, who will be teaching the basics of crochet week by week in her new "Crochet Corner" segment.

You'll also find Eunny and Shay on location and in the studio teaching great knitting projects and techniques to make you a better knitter, while bringing you interviews with top-notch designers and knitting world celebrities like Lily Chin, Linda Cortright, Carol Huber Cypher, Mags Kandis, Clara Parkes, and many more!

Learn How to Artfelt 

In a segment that all fiber enthusiast can enjoy, Artfelting expert Karin Skacel Haack demonstrates with Shay a quick and easy project—a felted camera or cell phone case that can be made in less than an hour but looks like it took you all day.

Karin's felting technique is not needle felting. It's not wet felting. It's not fulling. It's Artfelt—a special technique using a patented new paper developed to speed up the felting process.

This project uses roving to produce a sturdy case that can be styled any way you'd like to fit the personality of you or your friends—psst, this would be a great quick-gift for someone! It looks artsy and unique while being useful for many things.

Watch Karin demonstrate these fool-proof felting techniques in the following video clip from episode 406, and download your free pattern for the felted camera/phone case to get started on your own version!

The next season of Knitting Daily TV begins airing on public television stations across the country January 17, 2010. Check your local listings or click here to see if it's available in your area! Or, pre-order your personal copy of the latest season, available on DVD January 18, 2010.

Make time for yarn every day!

Jaime Guthals, segment producer
& Annie Hartman Bakken, associate producer

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