Knitting for Children: A Cute Jammy Keeper

I have a thing for jammys; I’m very particular about them. No nighties for me, just good old jammy pants and shirts. And tee shirts are best—I’m not a fan of sleeping in a button-down shirt with a collar.


Cat’s Pajamas Jammy Keeper. Get the kit!

New PJs are always on my Christmas list and my spring clothes shopping trips. I look forward to a new pair as much as some people look forward to new shoes. Is that wrong? I don’t think so.

You don’t see too many knitted pajamas, but one of the gals in my knitting group did knit up a racy little cami-style nightie from some gorgeous silk yarn. She loves it.

“Why is she still talking about pajamas?” I can hear you out there, asking that question. Well, because what I have for you today is a super-cute jammy keeper, shown at right. It’s a giant toy cat with a zipper opening in the back where kids can keep their jammys!

If you love knitting for children, you’ve probably heard of designer Brenda K. B. Anderson is well-known for her clever patterns for everything from amigurumi to garments. She’s amazing, and this cute character is right in line with everything Brenda designs: darling!

I really love the size of this thing. It’s BIG, which all the kids I know love. It’s either got to be giant or tiny, right? And I can see it—novelty sizes make things cuter. They just do.

If you're planning on knitting for children, check out this darling Cat's Pajamas Jammy Keeper!

Cat’s Pajamas Jammy Keeper: Check out that zipper opening for the jammys; kids will love this.

We’ve got a great kit for this project, which includes our fabulous new publication, Knit & Crochet Toys, which contains the pattern, plus one ball of  Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted and three balls of Encore Worsted Colorspun in the colors shown in the photos.

I have lots of Encore in my stash. It’s such a workhorse yarn, and with its 75% acrylic and 25% wool content, it’s perfect to use when knitting for children. I used Encore to knit a couple baby sweaters for Henry, and they held up great.

Get your Cat’s Pajamas Jammy Keeper Kit now; you could give it to your favorite kid for Christmas!