Knitting the Cecilia Blouse

The first thing I knit start-to-finish when I started with Interweave in 2013 was the Cecilia Blouse by Lene Holme Samsøe from her book Essentially Feminine Knits. I had gotten a skein of beautiful variegated blue-green yarn from work and was looking for a pattern to challenge myself. Amy suggested the Cecilia, a winged dolman type beauty of a sweater that she had previously knit. It was summer, and I wanted to make something that was lacy and airy that wouldn’t be a hot mess of wool to knit and that I could wear immediately.

My mom had given me a set of sweet interchangeable needles (as a ‘congrats on the new job’ present!), and I used them for the first time on this project. The pattern instructions are written out line by line and this was the first time I’d made a written pattern rather than a charted one. There were a lot of firsts with this creation including the fact that I still wear it years later. (The only other sleeved thing I’d made up until that point lasted through my college career and has since been relegated to a box in my closet.)

Cecilia Blouse

I feel  proud when I wear this sweater, and I remember all the work that went into making it, all the work lunches and meetings where I worked to get a few more rounds done, the stitches I had to fix, realizing I didn’t have enough yarn and going questing to my LYS to find something that would match up. It was a knitting adventure of the best kind, in large part because it was the first thing I made in Colorado. In my mind this sweater will always be about new beginnings, a fantastic state, amazing new people, learning new things.

There are 24 other equally wonderful patterns in this book, all of which have beautiful accents that make them fashionable and eye-catching. I encourage you to take a look and see what you want to knit up, and think about what memories you might knit into a new project this summer. It’s pretty lovely to remember them, and wear them proudly, further on down the road!

Knit happy,


7876814566_d8dc1ac05e_bHere’s Amy sporting her Cecilia too!

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