Knitting Books I Can’t (and you shouldn’t!) Live Without

We all have our go-to resources, right? And if you're like me, you have several!

This post is dedicated to my favorites, and because we're having a super sale on hurt books (most are really just like new, though), this is your chance to get some new sure-favorites, too.

I was excited to see three of the Harmony Guides included in the sale (Knit & Purl, Lace & Eyelets, and Cables & Arans). I love to use stitch patterns to create scarves, and the Harmony Guides are the perfect resource for unending stitch patterns. They range from beginning to advanced patterns so there's something for everyone.

Here's an easy stitch pattern, Open-Work Ladder Stitch, from Lace & Eyelets, which makes a beautiful scarf; you'll love the drape, especially if you use a yarn that contains silk or bamboo! (And this is just one of the 250 lace and eyelet patterns in this book!)

Open-Work Ladder Stitch
Multiple of 10 + 6 stitches.
1st row (wrong side): P6, *k2tog tbl, wind yarn twice around needle, k2tog, P6; rep from * to end.
2nd row: K6, *p1, p into first made st and k into the second st, p1, k6; rep from * to end.
Rep these 2 tows for pattern.

This pattern goes from A to B, as shown in the photo, so you'll begin with and end with the stockinette stitches. Depending on your gauge, you could cast on 48 stitches to get a medium-width scarf; make sure and do a gauge swatch to make sure you're getting the drape you want.

And there's More!

There are all kinds of classics in my library, but here are some that I highly recommend:

   This book truly does contain the very best designs of the first 10 years of Interweave Knits. One of my all time favorites, Marilyn, is one of the patterns you'll find in this must-have book. You'll also find a bunch of fab Beyond the Basics articles about important knitting techniques.
Have 100 yards of worsted that really wants to be a sweater? How about 300 yards of sock yarn that's been sitting lonely in your stash? Flip through this book to find more than 350 versions of gloves, mittens, socks, and sweaters. I was one of those who had some unused sock yarn sitting around, and now I have a fourth of a pair of gloves.
Does wool make you itch? Then this is the book for you. Author Amy Singer has put together a book full of fashion-forward designs and  lots of how-to information to help you find the perfect fiber. My favorite article is "Fiber Families, Substituting, and Your New Career as a Yarn Detective." You'll get some good chuckles out of this book, too!
One of my friends wears the most beautiful handknit socks, and I swear that almost every time I ask her what the pattern is, she references this book by Nancy Bush.

I'm telling you, whether you're traveling or not, these sock patterns are all winners!

There are days when I love my job, and days when I REALLY love my job. This is one of the second kind; I'm so lucky to be able to bring you such fantastic products that I truly believe will enhance your favorite pastime. Enjoy!


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