Knitting Bobbles in the Real World


Whenever the topic of bobbles comes up, the sound of a knitter groaning is not far away. Why do people dread the happy little bobble?

Part of the complaint is the constant turning of the work required to work traditional bobbles. But there are other methods for making bumps on your knitting. In the Winter issue of Knitscene, Sarah Wilson walks us through five bobble techniques, including some alternatives that are quick and fun to knit.

For the article, I worked up this bobble sampler, which shows off the five techniques. See how different bobbles can look? Some are petite, some are very large and three-dimensional. Some make for dense fabric and some don’t affect the surrounding gauge at all.

But what do you DO with bobbles? We offer four projects in this issue to show off the possibilities, and below I’ve collected even more projects that use bobbles. Don’t they get you in the mood for winter knitting?

Get your copy of Knitscene Winter 2011 for the whole bobble article.


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