Knitting Bags: 9 Free Patterns!

Knitting bags is so much fun. They're the ultimate in usable knitting projects, too. Here are nine free knitted bag patterns, just for you!

Knitting Bags with Knitting Daily: 9 Free Knitting Bag Patterns

1. Coney Island Bag; 2. Picnic Bag; 3. Lace Beach Bag; 4. Sow's Ear Coin Purse;
5. Spiral Market Bag; 6. Pyramid Project Bag; 7. Chevron Market Bag;
8. Basketweave Shoulder Bag; 9. Monk's Travel Satchel

Named for its narrow eye-popping stripes, reminiscent of those adorning early twentieth-century bathing dresses, Eunny Jang's Coney Island Bag is a fun, fast way to use up scraps of brightly colored cotton.

The Picnic Bag is made of two mirrorimage halves, each curved by two sets of sock-heel-like shaping. Lisa Shroyer joined the half moons together to make a polygonal, 3-D bag that is the perfect size for carrying a sock project and yarn.

Anna-Liza Armfield's Lace Beach Bag looks charmingly frivolous and acts seriously functional: You can fit a beach towel, shorts, shirt, and your weekend reading in with ease—and still find your cell phone and keys safely tucked into an interior pouch.

You may not be able to make a silk purse from a sow's ear, but you can make silk into a Sow's Ear Coin Purse. Anne Merrow's little beauty uses luscious, 100% silk yarn to make a really useful and luxurious little coin purse.

The inspiration for Marilyn Murphy's Spiral Market Bag came from Weldon's Practical Needlework. The original bag was knit in fine silk yarn on steel needles and was sized for glasses; changing the yarn weight and length makes a great bag for a handspindle and roving, or a bottle of wine on the way to a dinner party.

The three-sided Pyramid Project Bag by Anita Osterhaug dangles from the wrist—very handy for holding a small knitting or spinning project and for holding the ball of yarn or fiber as you knit or spin. It's a fun exercise in knitting topology, being created from four equilateral triangles without seams.

Kristen TenDyke used a dense lace motif of interconnecting points and chevrons to create the Chevron Market Bag, making a fabric that stretches but retains strength. You'll appreciate this when you're stuffing it full of fresh veggies at the farmer's market!

The Basketweave Shoulder Bag by Nancy Dale is knit from flax yarn held double, which makes a strong solid fabric. It has a zipper closure so you won't lose any of your valuables!

The religion of Nepal is a mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism and the monks who traveled southwest China, Nepal, and Tibet traditionally carried large bags. The Monk's Travel Satchel by Vicki Square is designed with five separate spaces in addition to the spacious capacity of the main compartments.

I hope you enjoy these knitted bag patterns! Why not start one this weekend?


P.S. Do you have friends who like to knit bags? Pass this along to them so they can download 9 Free Knitting Bag Patterns, too!

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