Knitting Baby Sweaters (Plus Cables!)

There is something so special about knitting for a baby (and then seeing your knitted item actually on the baby). So cute! I love looking through baby patterns and seeing the adorable babies modeling knitted sweaters and snuggling with knitted toys and napping in knitted blankets. Since I don't have kids of my own I've knit and given away many, many baby items over the years, and in the process, I've built my knitting skills. My favorite is the bear bunting I knit for my nephew, Henry (at left), out of Sirdar Snuggly. Was he cute or what? (He's turning four in October.)

And here's The H Sweater (at right) that I designed myself and knit out of Rowan All-Seasons Cotton (proudly worn over jammies).

I told you my knitting-origins story–one day of instruction and then book learning and swatching. I took a class about how to fix mistakes and then I went to Tricoter, a fabulous Seattle knit shop, and one of the gals there encouraged me to knit a sweater. So I knit a baby sweater for my neighbor's little boy. During the process I learned how to do simple shaping, bind off shoulders, pick up stitches, and seam the whole thing together. Quite a lot of learning for a three-month-size sweater!



I've got a couple of new projects in the works for Henry. One is a striped vest nightmare with 1001 ends to weave in (if anyone has a serger, call me!) and the other is a cabled vest.

I learned cables while knitting a baby sweater, and if you're new to cabling, I encourage you to knit a baby sweater to practice your cabling, too–try the simple but darling Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater by Rebecca Daniels. I have a friend with twin girls and I'm gearing up to knit two of these this fall!

If you want a lot bang for your buck, cabling is the way to go. Cabling is simply knitting stitches out of order to make them twist in a certain way. Whether you're knitting a simple rope cable, like the one in the Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater, or a more challenging cable project, the principle is the same–you knit certain stitches out of order to achieve the cabled appearance. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can pick up cabling; the technique is so simple you'll be able to start a cable project right away.

You all know how much I love a video, so instead of explaining how to cable, here's a demo from Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits, that'll have you itching to cast on a cable-ishous pattern.

This clip is from Knitting Daily TV series 300, which has either just started airing on your public television station or is about to start airing. Set those DVRs so you don't miss anything!

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get a lot of knitting done!



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