Knitting and Pumpkin Pie: What do they have in common?

My sister doesn't like pumpkin pie, (I do not understand; does not compute) but her favorite color is orange. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was raking up orange and yellow and brown leaves, thinking about how pretty the fall colors are, even as I'm hating raking. There are so many beautiful colors of orange out there: pumpkin orange, saffron, tangerine, rust, ocher, that Crayola favorite Burnt Sienna, and so on!

I love orange, too, but it's not something that I knit with very often. In fact, I only have one knitted piece in orange—a lace vest that I made when I first started knitting. I think one reason I don't knit or wear much orange is because I think of it as going with black, and my high school colors are orange and black. When I wear orange and black I feel like I'm back in high school in the bleachers cheering for the Tigers!

Our special today is a bundle of magazines, and as I was flipping through my issues I was appreciating how well the editors choose projects that convey the feeling of the season. What jumped out at me this time was the color choices: nice, subtle color palettes for spring and summer, with just enough vibrant color choices to be exciting; and deep, warm, cozy colors for fall and winter. Take the Every Way Wrap in the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits, for instance—it's the perfect fall orange: a dark, pumpkin pie orange.

So, in case you haven't gotten the memo, what knitting and pumpkin pie have in common is orange! It's fall, and orange is a fall color, and we're going to be making thousands of pumpkin pies in a couple of weeks, and today I'm going to conquer my high school demons and bring back the orange.

I've gone through our pattern store and picked out several patterns, plus a couple of free patterns that look great in orange, and here they are!

Citrus Yoke    Saffron Cables    Refined Raglan    Sienna
Citrus Yoke Saffron Cables  Refined Raglan Sienna Cardigan
Katie Himmelberg Kathy Zimmerman Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark Ann Smith

Citrus Yoke is a beautiful pullover that's knit in the round from the neck down with an interesting eyelet rib pattern on the yoke. The Saffron Cables afghan will keep you warm while you're knitting it and after you're knitting it! The Refined Raglan is full of simple styling: an eyelet pattern on the raglan portion of the sleeves, and a neat knitted hem on the bottom and sleeves. The Sienna Cardigan is a quick, worsted-weight knit with pretty, feminine touches along the button bands and the collar. (And it's also part of our free e-book Knit Cardigan Patterns From Knitting Daily: 7 FREE Knitting Patterns!)

Washington Square Vest    Tangelo     Wavy Orange Scarf     Fountain Hat
Washington Square Vest Tangelo Wavy Orange Scarf Fountain Hat
Simona Merchant-Dest Kate Kukra  Rebecca L. Daniels Katie Himmelberg

I love the variegated orange of the Washington Square Vest. This pattern incorporates lace on the edges and basketweave waist detailing. Tangelo is just what you need in the fall—a bouquet of flowers (and a fun, quick knit, too).

And now for two free patterns! The Wavy Orange Scarf will keep you interested as you knit—the wave pattern is one of those that's fun to watch develop. And the Fountain Hat is a wonderful gift option and a stash-buster! It's a small project that takes just under 400 yards of sock yarn. (And it's also part of our free e-book Knitting Lace: Knitting Daily Presents 7 FREE Knitted Lace Patterns!)

Well, that about wraps up my vacation to the Land of Orange. For a side trip, check out our Facebook post about orange yarns (about halfway down our page). And become a fan to get updates on your Facebook newsfeed!



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