Knitting A Salve for the Heart: The Tale of Ms. Kitty

Ms Kitty
Introducing Ms. Kitty

On Monday, when I wrote about the joys of handmade toys, I had no intention of actually knitting one of the little cuddlies whose pattern I was offering to all of you. I thought, what a cute pattern…but I have Serious Knitting Projects to work on, so no chance of me casting on for one of these guys. No way. I have sweaters to knit, and a scarf for orphans, and socks for a friend. I did not need another project on my needles. And I certainly did not need another stuffed animal in my life, as my bedroom shelves are filled with the little beasties.

But here it is Wednesday, and here I am putting the finishing touches on…a knitted cat. I don't know what happened. I was fine until I got home last night, and then…what? How did I end up knitting this darn cat? And why aren't I writing the post I had all planned out yesterday afternoon about Serious Knitting Things?

Because last night, I finally faced the fact that the little pewter urn on my table held the ashes of my beloved fifteen-year-old kitty Amber, whom we had had to put to sleep two weeks ago. I looked at that little jar, thought of my sweet-and-spicy little green-eyed calico, and felt compelled to Knit Something Right Then And There—not just any Something, but A Something that would express the joy of having Amber in my life, and my grief at her sudden passing.

Amber Pinknose Wiseheart
Amber "Pinknose" Wiseheart

So I knitted a cat. Totally on impulse, all in one night. She's a purple kitty, perhaps as a nod to my childhood Cowie (who despite my best search-and-rescue efforts, remains hidden in the basement, no doubt still giggling, despite all of your pleas for him to come out and have his picture taken).

I brought the pieces to work with me today, and have been stuffing and seaming them on breaks. I stopped by the local bead store at lunch to try and find the perfect shade of green crystals to use as eyes, and I found some little amber beads, as well as a heart with the OM symbol on it, and a charm that has a pawprint on it, all of which I'm slowly incorporating into Ms. Kitty. As I sewed her body closed, I added a handful of a sage/cedar/lavendar mix and a pink polymer clay heart bead I had made, one with a sparkling crystal in the middle.

Now here's the fascinating thing: Ms. Kitty seems to be a magnet for my coworkers. Everyone who stops by my cubicle picks her up, asks what yarn she's made of (Tahki Bunny, which was the softest purple yarn I could find at home), and, before setting her down again, each person without fail gives her a little pat or a little hug.

I did not intend to knit a cat. Rather, I think that this purple kitty has in fact knitted me, knitted me back together a bit after a loss of a small being with a very large and courageous heart.

Sometimes we knit. And sometimes our knitting knits us.

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