Knitting a Rhinebeck Sweater (a little bit after the fact)

I have a confession to make. I snuck away to Rhinebeck, aka the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, this past weekend and had a blast. In addition to buying quite a bit of new-to-me yarns, I had way too much fun playing "Name That Pattern!" I kept spotting Cheryl Burke walking around in her Mirry-Dancers Yoked Pullover from Fair Isle Style (an aside, I also finally met Mary Jane Mucklestone, whose colorwork knitting patterns I adore, and Melissa Wehrle, who was signing copies of her incredible Metropolitan Knits).

Right before I left for the airport, I received a happy package full of yarn from Brown Sheep Yarn Company, full of Nature Spun Worsted in Pepper, Natural, and Sunburst Gold to knit my very own Bristlecone Pullover by Allyson Dykhuizen. There are so many incredible sweater patterns in Knitscene Winter 2013 but the oversized houndstooth pattern has been calling to me for months now, so I had to have it. I'm using the Pepper (black) for the trim and arms, with the Natural and Sunburst Gold for the body—and I'm contemplating working a couple of the "teeth" (what is an individual part of a houndstooth pattern called?!) in Pepper just for fun.

I didn't have a lot of time for knitting over the weekend, but I did manage to finish the first sleeve. I made a few modifications to get the sleeve just the way I like it. I cast on for the size that would yield a 10" cuff circumference, started increasing sooner and spaced closer together, eventually spacing them out to the pattern specifications. After reading Ashley Rao's excellent tubular cast-on tutorial (you can see a peek on Kathleen's blog), I used a tubular cast-on to create a clean, "seamless" edge to my cuff. This will come back to bite me when I have to cast on for the bottom trim, but thankfully the variation of tubular cast-on I used (the third version from the magazine) is pretty speedy to create.

I also ended up adding length, because I have long arms and generally like my sleeves to be longer. Sweater sleeves are excellent for swatching—after blocking my sleeve/swatch, I know that this yarn tends to stretch out a bit in the bath, but it turned out exactly as I hoped it would, so now it's on to the second sleeve! 

Did you go to Rhinebeck this year, and if so, did you wear a new sweater? Leave a comment below and link to a photo if you have one!

Until next time, happy knitting!

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