Knitting a Garden

Lily of the Valley, from Rustic Modern Knits
by Yumiko Alexander

We just bought my mom's house (she's downsizing, and we got a sweet deal!). With that house comes an incredible garden that Mom has nurtured for years. It's simply beautiful, and it's a good thing Mom will still be around, because we're going to need her guidance, not to mention her boundless energy.

I've done my fair share of gardening, so I'm not totally inept, but I'm no master gardener. I do enjoy working in the yard, and then enjoying the fruits of my labor. Spokane has lovely summers, so spending evenings outside is part of the culture.

My new garden is part rustic stonework and perennial garden, part formal rose garden. I love the scent and beauty of the roses, but I think I'm drawn more to the perennial blooms that appear with riotous color year after year. I'd like to add something new every year, but I think this year I'm going to go with knitted flowers, and wait to see exactly what pops up in our garden next spring and summer. After I get to know it a bit, I'll be able to better decide on what to add.

"Wait a minute," I can hear you saying. "Back up. Knitted flowers?" Yes, knitted flowers.

I'm waiting to see what real flowers to add to the garden, but in the meantime, I can knit up some truly beautiful tributes to some of my favorite flowers. In her new book Rustic Modern Knits, Yumiko Alexander pays homage to the garden with her beautiful knitted accessories.

I love her wonderful Lily of the Valley capelet, shown above. It's worked in the round in a feather and fan pattern that creates a wavy bottom edge. A keyhole is created near the neckline, and pulling fabric from both sides through this keyhole allows you to adjust the size of the neck opening. It also makes a cute little bow.

Here are three more of my favorites:

Clockwise from upper right: Clematis, Allium, and Winter Rose.

You'll want to knit many of these stylish accessories. Get your copy of Rustic Modern Knits today!


P.S. My favorite accessory is the knitted infinity scarf. So versatile! Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite.

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