Knitters Can't Get Enough of the Cowl

Cowls are seriously the best. I’m wearing one right now. The knitted shawl has been a consistent fave among us crafty folk, but the cowl bridges the gap between mainstream fashion and handcraft a bit more–we see cowls and infinity scarves at Urban Outfitters, all over Pinterest, et cetera. Shawls are more like our secret accessory; knitters have made them trendy. Cowls are universally cool–why?

Well, cowls are basically scarves without ends. They have magic insulating qualities without flailing scarf ends. They can be super long and really add a dramatic element to an outfit, or short and fitted to the neck, tucked inside a coat collar for a subtle pop of color and valuable warmth. They require less knitting, generally, than scarves. They can also be worn at different times of the year thanks to their versatility. Colder weather cowls call for bulky yarns, cables, and maybe longer lengths so you can wrap them. In early spring as the weather slowly starts to warm up (but still throws some curve ball wind gusts at you), lighter weight yarns and lacey patterns help to keep the cowl on your neck all day long without you feeling weighed down. Plus, they are just pretty! Cowls are often knitted in the round and require no shaping and very little finishing–they are simple, focused on stitch patterns without complication, and perhaps require less purling and no seaming. Win. 

There are a couple of cowls in the Interweave archive that caught my attention during production of the recent Make it! Knits special issue. The Serpentine Cowl by Angela Hahn and the Leadville Cowl by Annie Watts both align with my aesthetic, since they have interesting stitch patterning and don’t call for colorwork (I’m still shy to that area of knitting). Gorgeous!

Serpentine Cowl by Angela Hahn Leadville Cowl by Annie Watts

You can get these patterns in Make it! Knits, along with so many others, but if you have cowl fever like I do, they are also part of a special pattern pack going on right now.

The pack includes these along with four other cowl patterns. They are all gorgeous, and not all necessarily for fall and winter. They each have unique attributes – the Pale Skies Cowl has buttons, the Trellis Scarf has a crocheted flower (!), and the Grays Ferry has ripples and colorwork. Price-wise you save ten dollars, which for me translates into (at least) three trips to a coffee shop. The perfect place to get caffeinated and knit the day away!


Another cowl we are excited about right now comes in an exclusive kit, with the yarn to make it! It’s the Tahki Quietude Cowl, knit with Tahki Yarns Gemini. The yarn is of bulky chainette construction, which brings loft and bounce to the piece, and locks in warmth. I love that it’s such a casual, everyday wearable piece, and that it’s knit on size 15, because I’m a sucker for quick, chunky knits.

Okay, I'm all ready to knit up all sorts of fun cowls for myself and friends and family for the long, cold season we have in front of us. Are you ready?

Happy cowl-knitting!

Go cowl-crazy with Make it! Knits, the Favorite Cowls to Knit Now Pattern Pack, and the Tahki Quietude Cowl Kit!

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