Knitters, Books, and a Book Sale for Knitters

I worked at the library on my college campus, both part-time as a student and full-time after I graduated from Kansas State University (go Cats!), totaling three and a half years. One fantastic thing I learned from my time working in the library, paired with my participation in the world of knitting, is that knitters seem to love books just as much as librarians and library patrons do. As far as I know, everyone I work with here at Interweave is an avid book reader, and you can always have an in-depth conversation about what good book someone is reading or has read recently. It’s really wonderful to have a strong connection with others because you share a similar passion, and then a second passion on top of that.

I sometimes forget what an important tool and resource knitting books are for knitters. These days we can purchase patterns individually on the Internet so easily, and even download free ones to have instantaneously. We can also look up anything we want to know about a certain knitting technique and find it, right there on the first Google results page, as many others have already searched and found a great online resource. Since everything is so easy online, we sometimes lose the value of physical books as resources and treasures. A lot of book readers, even those who own a Kindle, argue that nothing beats having a physical book right there in your hands from which to usurp the knowledge on its pages.

I’m so happy I get to work for a company that continues to value physical print products as well as digital media. Some really great books, from really amazing knitwear designers, have come through from the Interweave books department this year. One recent title that has become really popular is Graphic Knits by Alexis Winslow. It’s mostly filled with sweaters and tops, and there are some really pretty accessories as well. All of the projects are made with bold yarns, and many focus on some type of colorwork to create really great graphic works. One of my favorite projects from the book is the Rook Pullover; I love its tall triangles, stripes, and tiny squares combined to make the pretty geometrical pattern. Knitscene Editor Amy Palmer recently knit the Barbet Turtleneck for her trip to Rhinebeck, which turned out absolutely adorable. Good colors, Amy!

Rook Pullover Graphic Knits Amy's Barbet Pullover Graphic Knits

Rook Pullover

Amy's finished Barbet Turtleneck

I'm also loving the Bowerbird Wrap, with its minimal fringe, subtle color-changes, and robust cables. Looks pretty cozy! The colors Alexis chose for the Sweetness Pullover are also really fun, with the dark base and bright, almost-neon yellow and pink of the yolk pattern. The Woodstar Beret and Mitts look like a challenging-but-fun pattern that would be great for someone who wants to try this intense colorwork on a smaller scale. 

Bowerbird Wrap Graphic Knits Sweetness Pullover Graphic Knits Woodstar Beret and Mitts Graphic Knits
Bowerbird Wrap Sweetness Pullover Woodstar Beret and Mitts

Another beautifully pieced book from this year is First Frost by Lucinda Guy. This one is a little different, as the projects vary from wearables to home pieces, and projects for men, women, and children in folky, colorworked designs. I’ve always wanted to knit a pillow, but they always seem to take a back seat, and I’d love to give someone the Snorri Cushion as a gift. And I'd love to knit the Lyyli Project Bag for myself! Perhaps with longer handles because I am an over-the-shoulder kind of gal.

Snorri Cushion First Frost Lyyli Project Bag First Frost
Snorri Cushion Lyyli Project Bag

The cozy Scandinavian color combinations and motifs in these projects are just beautiful and so evocative of the natural landscape of the north. Many naturally-dyed wools were used in these projects as well, rounding out the cozy, organic feel of the book as a whole. I think these patterns are great to have on hand for winter knitting.

Today is the third day of our 12 Days of Deals sales, and it happens to be 50% off of physical and digital books!  It's a great time to pick up one of these books to add to your pattern collection, or give these or other books to a knitter for Christmas. I really prefer the feel of a real book in my hands, especially during my winter break when I relish the time away from the computer screen, and like to snuggle in under a blanket with my knitting and hot chocolate. I also know plenty of other knitters who are big fans of nestling in to read, knit, or peruse a plethora of potential patterns. Give the gift of a book to someone special or yourself this holiday season!

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