The Battle of the Sag: Swimsuit Cover-up Tips and Tricks

I loathe walking around in a swimsuit. When I’m at the beach, I want to sprint into the water fully clothed and then toss my soggy attire back onto the sand. But I also don’t like stares from strangers, so I have a dilemma. Thankfully, swimsuit cover-ups exist. They keep me covered and confident, despite the bad rep they have in the knitting community.

Before I learned of the magic of swimsuit cover-ups, I used T-shirts to cover myself at the beach or the pool. But that strategy was destroyed one day when a child saw me and said, “Look, Mom, she’s naked!” She thought I wasn’t wearing bottoms, and I never wanted to go outside in a swimsuit again—all because my T-shirt was falling at an awkward length.

But the great swimsuit cover-up doesn’t make you feel “naked.” I know you’ve heard scary things about knitted cover-ups, but there are easy, common-sense solutions to battle the sag you hear about.

How to avoid swimsuit cover-up sag

1. Knit your cover-up in a tight gauge

2. Use yarns that aren’t very stretchy (plant-based yarns are a great option)

3. Don’t submerge your cover-up (and dry off before wearing it again)

This third point is an important one: You don’t expect a knitted sweater to maintain its shape if you get it soaked, so why would you expect it of any other knitted fabric? Just towel off before you get “dressed” and your fabric won’t misbehave.

If you’re now a knitted swimsuit cover-up convert, here are some great projects to make this summer!

swimsuit cover-up

1. Coastal Dress by Amy Gunderson

Stripes, a pocket, AND a flattering A-line silhouette? Sign me up! And you don’t have to take my word for it: click here to read more about the wonders of the Coastal Dress.

swimsuit cover-up

2. Ripple Tank by Jenny Williams

Get extra yarn and make this top longer than specified in the pattern to make a dress or pair it with a sarong. Find the pattern information here.

swimsuit cover-up

3. Waves Tank by Andrea Cull

A relaxed tank with a girlie flair, this lighthearted cover-up is perfect for lounging at home or out at the beach. To learn about the inspiration behind this design, click here.

So what do you think? Is it time to knit a swimsuit cover-up?

Happy swimming,


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