Knitted Slippers: It’s time to start knitting!

The Pavo Knitted Slippers are quick to knit—perfect for gift knitting!

Pavo Slipper Socks, available in the
Lazy Weekend Slipper Collection

Today I put on a sweater, and in the process of looking for it in my closet, I found my  knitted slippers. Slippers! Can you imagine? I’ve been living in flip flops for the past four months; the thought of wool slippers on my feet was nauseating, if you want the truth. But now it sounds heavenly!

Slippers actually play a larger than normal part in my life, because I’m lucky enough to work at home. I have three good pairs of “work shoes,” a handknit and felted pair of slippers, a pair of wool Haflingers, and a pair of Haflingers with a cork sole. These last are my outdoor shoes, the ones I wear when I meet with my knitting group or go to Fred Meyer. Glamorous life I lead, I know.

Just in time for fall knitting, we have a collection of slipper patterns available for you! Our Lazy Weekend Slipper Collection includes six slipper patterns, from cables to ribbed, to easy-peasy!

I’ve knit the Easy-Peasy Slippers, in fact, and they’re super quick and comfy. I would like to try to knit them on large needles with doubled yarn and felt them. I think they’d be great, especially with some non-skid glue on the bottom.

The Weekend Knitted Slippers Collection, available at

Clockwise from top left: Aran Isle Slippers, Manitoba Slippers, Ribby Slipper Socks, Easy Peasy Slippers, Suede Slippers

My nephew Henry was visiting last week, and he was sitting next to me as I wrote the first draft of this newsletter. He was watching me edit photos, and he requested a pair of Ribby Slipper Socks (shown upper right) in navy blue and “canary yellow.” Where he discovered canary yellow, I have no idea, but you better believe I’m going to find some to make his knitted slippers!

The fall nip in the air tells me it’s sweater weather, and slipper weather, and I’m ready to cast on. Get your Lazy Weekend Slipper Collection and join me!





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