Knitted Modern Quilt Wrap Variations: Watch the Video

Every now and then a pattern comes along that captures the imagination of knitters all over the world. We knew very quickly that the Modern Quilt Wrap, designed by Mags Kandis and author of our book Folk Style, was one of these–mostly because yarn shops were calling within just a few short days to let us know that they were completely sold out of the exact nine colors of yarn called for in the pattern! Knitters are endlessly creative, however, and soon some of you knitbloggers were posting pictures of your own variations of this beautiful stole.

We were so captivated by all these beauties that we asked some of you to send in your stoles so we could show them to everyone on the Knitting Daily TV show. Click to see these Modern Quilt Wrap variations in the You Made It segment of the program. (And if you want to make your own Modern Quilt Wrap, download the pattern for free, but be advised that the gold color, #578 "swish," has been discontinued. Have a clever substitution? Let us know!)


View how your fellow knitters have reinterpreted the Modern Quilt Wrap:


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There will be no Knitting Daily on Monday, September 1 because of the Labor Day holiday.  Remember that the forums are always open, so please stop by!

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily. As you read this, we're on the road! I'm driving one of our two cars, so no knitting is getting done on the road–but there's always nightime in the motels. I'm valiantly trying to have the Camisa, worked in String of Pearls yarn from Muench (prettypretty not to mention sparklysparkly!) done so I can model it for you in Canada. (Canada countdown? 3 days till we get there!)

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