6 FREE Mitten Knitting Patterns

You'll love these FREE knitted mittens in this eBook on mitten knitting patterns.Knitted mittens are the height of winter coziness. I keep a pair in my coat pockets, a pair in my glove compartment, and a pair in my purse.


What’s more cozy than a pair of handmade, knitted mittens? In wintertime, they’re essential in many parts of the world—plus, they’re fun to knit! If you don’t know how to knit mittens, don’t worry—they can be a very easy knitting project. Knitted mittens are a great project for all knitters, even beginners. You can start with a basic pattern and move on to more complicated designs as your skill progresses.

Mittens have been around for centuries. The oldest knitted mittens were discovered in Latvia, and archaeologists think they are around 10 centuries old! It makes sense that mittens were discovered in this cold northern part of the world.

Knitted mittens are also a wonderful gift; they’re very practical, and handmade gifts are so thoughtful. There are so many mitten patterns to choose from, so you’ll find one for everyone on your gift list.

Mittens are also my go-to for knitted gifts. They’re a personal and very useful gift! I’ve gathered six knitted mitten patterns for you in Knitted Mitten Patterns: 6 Free Mitten Knitting Patterns. Download your free knitting patterns for mittens to find your perfect pair!

Here are the FREE knitted mitten patterns you’ll see:

Simple Knitted Mittens for Beginners

Learn how to knit mittens with this simple pattern on knitted mittens in our free eBook.
Siena Mittens by Annie Watts
Perfect for beginners, these simple mittens highlight a basic color-changing stripe pattern. By replacing one color in each section, Annie created a bold, colorful effect that’s easy to work. If you’re just learning how to knit mittens, this is the pattern for you.

Star-Pattern Mittens

Learn how to make these feminine knitted mittens in our FREE eBook that contains 6 mitten knitting patterns.
Feminine Mittens by Amanda Berka
The “star” of this mitten knitting pattern is the super cute star pattern on the wrist ribbing. The hand portions of these mittens are simple, letting the star-studded ribbing shine.

Fair Isle Mittens

Inspired by the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia, you'll love these knitted mittens in our FREE eBook that contains 6 mitten knitting patterns and more.
White Witch Mitts by Laura Rintala
These beautiful, Fair Isle patterned mittens were inspired by the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia. Brrr! Use your color knitting skills to make this lovely knit mittens pattern.

Linen-Stitch Mittens

Work these knitted mittens in a linen stitch in our FREE eBook on mitten knitting patterns.
Mittens Interrupted by Eunny Jang
These pretty mittens are worked in linen stitch, which makes a warm, dense fabric. Select two contrasting colors for a stunning look.

Unisex Knitted Mittens

Make these unisex knitted mittens in our FREE eBook that contains mitten knitting patterns.
Cozy Mittens by Katie Himmelberg
It’s all about the yarn in these knitted mittens. Choose a self-striping color of soft yarn, customizing the color for men or women. It’s great to have a unisex mitten pattern in your collection.

Free Thumb Gussets Tutorial for Knitters

Learn how to knit different types of thumb gussets for knitted mittens in this FREE eBook!
Thumb Gussets—Beyond the Basics
In Pam Allen’s article, Thumb Gussets: Beyond the Basics, you’ll learn how to knit different types of thumb gussets; you can choose the one that works best for you and insert it into your mitten knitting pattern. This tutorial will help you learn how to knit mittens that fit!

This free eBook, Knitted Mitten Patterns: Free Mitten Knitting Patterns + Thumb Gusset Tutorial, is perfect for any knitter from beginner to advanced. Plus, you won’t be ‘all thumbs’ with the bonus thumb gusset tutorial we’ve included. You’ll get professional instructions and patterns on how to knit mittens for the perfect knitted mittens. Download this free eBook to get started or keep reading to learn more about each knitting pattern.



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