Knitted Lace Stars from New Vintage Lace

Well, December is just moving right along, huh? I'm almost finished with my Craftsmas knitting – just a few more projects to go. Now I am more focused on heading home for the holiday and getting excited about seeing my family, best friend, and favorite places in my home town. Aside from holiday gifts I have plenty of other projects on the needles; a hat for myself, the Swaying Cables Scarf, a bath mat I started months ago, and my first lace project! (Stay tuned for more on that later this month.)

Lace can be an intimidating technique for some knitters. I'm mostly speaking for myself here. The detailed charts alone have scared me away from beautiful projects. It has just always seemed like so much work to me, and whenever I start a lace project, I get a few rows in and it looks funky so I give up. The current project I'm working on is pretty small, with one manageable chart, so it's going well so far. Maybe it's less daunting because it shouldn't take me a super long time to complete and blocking it should be fairly painless. 

Even though I'm moving at a slow rate to get into lace knitting, intricate lace shawl patterns are a mainstay in the knitting world. They've been around for such a long time, and though styles have transformed and there's evidence of shawl trends changing over time, there is always a following for traditional lace shawls. I have to say I don't quite understand, since I haven't delved into that world myself, but I'd like to give it a shot! 

New Vintage Lace by Andrea Jurgrau (Interweave Press, 2014)

The other day I talked about the importance of books as resources for knitters, and New Vintage Lace by Andrea Jurgrau is a great candidate for my knitting bookshelf. While it has 18 projects for the lace knitter, it starts with lots of background information you need to start a lace project. Andrea lays out what materials you need to knit and finish a lace piece, explains prevalent techniques and stitches, delves into the importance and art of swatching. I appreciate this last one as I'd love to try to lace knitted swatches before I attempt something large. 

circular lace knitted swatch
Circular Swatch

Some of the beautiful projects from the book:

ghost orchid lace wrap andrea jurgrau nereid knitted lace shawl andrea jurgrau diospyros knitted lace shawl andrea jurgrau
Ghost Orchid Nereid Diospyros

This is a well-loved book of 2014. So well-loved that it's gotten a rating of five stars in the Interweave online store! If you are following the 12 Days of Deals, you may already know that today's deal is that all of our 5 Star products in the store are only five bucks! That means that for today only, New Vintage Lace is just $5. For 18 beautiful lace patterns along with all of the tips, tricks, and trappings that it takes to knit them, that is pretty dang good deal, people. Our other "5 Star" products are a part of the sale as well, including other quality books like Knitting Wizardry, and New American Knits, which took the knitting world by storm this year! It also includes one of my favorites: Cozy Knits. 

Getting amazing books like these for only $5 is unheard of. Treat yourself to some new knitting books, or gift them to the knitter in your life who you know would be tickled to have them. And keep following our 12 Days of Deals!

Happy holidays!

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