Knitted Gifts: Spread the Joy

We've all wrapped up our precious knitted gifts in boxes and bags. And when we put them with all of the other gifts, they look just like everything else in the pile. Don't get me wrong, I love a big stack of presents, but I've stumbled upon some new items from Interweave that will make our knitted treasures stand out from the rest.

Swatch and Yarn Ball card pack Gift Tags Sheep and Alpaca cards  
Swatch and yarn ball cards     Gift tags    Sheep and alpaca cards  

I just got a shipment of these little gift items, and they're even cuter in person. I especially love the sheep gift bag, which I immediately stuffed full of yarn to take with me this weekend to a knitting retreat (stay tuned for some photos next week!).

Sharing our enthusiasm for our knitting lifestyle is fun and important, and these little cards and tags are a perfect way to do that. Using these items to present knitted gifts is special, and I'm even incorporating the cards into my stack that I pull from for all occasions. It's a nice way to spread the knitting joy.

And imagine getting a little package in the gift bag at right! Maybe you should pack up a one-skein project with a skein of yarn and a pattern, and give it to one of your knitting buddies. Perhaps something that person can make as a holiday gift?

That's not really re-gifting, is it?

Knitted Gift Tags

We featured this clever idea in Interweave Knits Gifts, and I thought you might like to try it. There's no real pattern for these, just take a look at the photo at left and freeform it! That's part of the fun.

Directions: Knit to a simple, outline shape, increasing, decreasing, and casting on as necessary. Hold your knitting up to the outline frequently to compare. Back your knitted shapes with card stock, punch a hole at the top, and add a piece of yarn to attach the tag to a gift.

You can make your shapes larger to use them as decorations, too. Try using some metallic yarn to add a little sparkle!

"Knitted" Cards

I really enjoy papercrafting, and I usually make my own holiday cards. This year I'm working on some cards where I'm using swatches instead of rubber stamps. I'm using a garter stitch swatch and pressing it on an ink pad, and then I'm pressing it onto the card to make a background.

I'm going to use a holiday image to try to make a sort of intarsia look, with an ornament or a tree or something in the middle of the knitted background. We'll see. I'll post some images when I get something that works!

Have fun with these ideas, and please share your results with us in the comments or the gallery!



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