A Crescendo of Cables: The Angelina Pullover

Anyone who knows me (or knits with me) knows I am a very slow knitter, particularly when it comes to full-on knitted sweaters. So when the opportunity to knit the gorgeous Angelina Pullover arose, I was pleased and nonplussed in equal measure. Knit a lovely sweater, chock-full of lovelier knitted cables? Yes ma’am. Knit it in 2 weeks? *Ulp.* Then again, I like a challenge.

The Angelina Pullover. Yes, you can.

Here’s the thing, though: I may be slow knitter, but this is one fast project. Yes, really. Maybe it’s because I prefer fingering-weight yarns on small needles, but working worsted yarn on size 8s made this project fly along. Ever see those magic expanding capsules that are supposed to grow into giant dinosaurs or squid or something when you put them in water? The sweater is like that, but without the water. And unlike the stupid capsules, it actually grows, and quickly.

Then there are the cables. Oh, cables upon cables! If you are a cable knitter, you will be in nirvana. If you are not a cable knitter but want to try, this will make you a master. The yoke gradually morphs from polite 2/2 cables to shapely 3/3, to beefier 4/4, to downright thuggish 5/5. It’s a continuous run of knitted cables and one of the most beautiful yokes I’ve ever seen, let alone worked. Once you finish that, the rest of the sweater is a downhill sprint in soothing stockinette, with a few short rows at the hem as a victory lap.

Best of all, in my view, is that my version was red. Like, outlaw red. The kind of red that makes a woman throw caution to wind, live dangerously, use whole milk rather than skim, and wear utterly inappropriate heels to a parent-teacher conference. That kind of red.

With summer hurtling along, why not make the Angelina Pullover your first official fall project?

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