Knitted Bag Patterns: The Little Pleated Clutch

I have more handbags, totes, and knitting bags that I'll ever use. (It's embarrassing when your storage totes create a storage problem in your house.) I'm looking at a very large pile of bags on the floor in the corner of my office. I should put them all in one of the larger bags; but I'd still have nowhere to put them all. I need a huge storage bin to keep them dry so I can put them on a shelf in the garage.

Donating some of them is also an activity I'm gearing up for. I have a knitting retreat coming up, and I know I can pass on lots of bags there!

I do use many, if not most, of my bags. There are grocery sacks, knitting bags, gym duffles, paper crafting totes, pet supply bags, and so on. Not to mention the handbags for each season! And having a lot of totes doesn't stop me from adding knitted bags to my queue, either!

What I don't have is a good evening bag. I don't have a ton of fancy events to attend, but when I do, I end up without the perfect accessory. No! Not that!

So, knitter's got to knit.

I love Hana Jason's Little Pleated Clutch in the new eBook, Six Quick Bags to Knit. If you love knitting purse patterns, you'll enjoy this little beauty, for sure!

A perfect evening bag: The Little Pleated Clutch

This clutch is knit in the round in the half linen stitch, which is a dense, attractive stitch pattern. It's got texture, but no holes form that could let little goodies fall out of the bag.

The closure is what I really love about this particular clutch. Designer Hana Jason engineered the top of the clutch to hold strips of interfacing or buckram (a stiff support fabric.). After the stiffener is enclosed in the top of the clutch, a snap is sewn in to close the bag. Since the top is rigid, only one snap is needed to hold the bag securely closed. Very clever.

And the pleats? Super cute!

Get the Little Pleated Clutch, along with five other fab knitted bag patterns, in our eBook, Six Quick Bags to Knit! You'll never be without the perfect bag again.


P.S. How do you store all of your bags, totes, purses, etc.? Leave a comment and let us know!

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