Knitted Accessories: The Mighty Mitt

I think of knitted accessories as the precious gems in a knitter's jewel box. They're the cabled hats knit out of a smooth 100% merino wool, the cowl knit from luscious cashmere, the clutch adorned with sparkly beads, the lace shawl knit with delicate, alpaca lace yarn. What fun! What adventure! No one can say knitters are complacent.

Relatively new to the accessories world are fingerless mitts. Sure, they've been around for decades, but not at the top of the fashion scene. These days they're everywhere, and deservedly so! Ever so useful, small projects like mitts can be wonderfully whimsical or prettily practical. Here are three of my favorites.


Coppice Mitts by Courtney Kelley

Inspired by fisherman's ganseys, Courtney designed these mitts to be both utilitarian and luxurious.

A coppice is a small grove of trees, and the design on these mitts elegantly replicates a lovely tree, all made out of knits and purls.

God's Eye Mitts by Alexis Winslow

Remember making God's Eyes at camp? I must have made 50 one summer. Now you can bring your camp skills to your knitting!

Stranded colorwork makes off-centered God's eye motifs on the back of the hand and palm. Button the cuff and you have a snug, warm accessory.

Wellington Mitts by Rebecca Blair

These little mitts are perfect for the coming spring. You'll need them when you want to sit outside and knit a few rows!

Just for fun, the narrow zigzagging stripes travel in perpendicular directions on opposite hands.

All of these mitt designs are from Knitscene Accessories or one of the two issues of Knits Accessories. We've put all three Accessories issues together for you—an accessories kit, if you will! Order yours today!


P.S. What's your favorite accessory knitting pattern? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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