Knitscene’s going to press

The term "going to press" has two meanings here at the Interweave offices. The first, official meaning is that an issue is wrapping up and going out the door to the printer. The second, unofficial meaning is that the editorial, design, and production teams responsible for that issue are running around like crazy, frantically trying to remember the "i before e except after c" rule (though maybe that's just me), and in some cases, plugging in noise-canceling headphones to tune out the general hubbub of the office (you try getting our Managing Editor's attention during press week, I dare you).

One of my jobs as Assistant Managing Editor for Knitscene is to run all over the offices, up and down these stairs…

That's Toni, Interweave Crochet's Assistant Editor. Their folders are pink.

…multiple times a day, all in the name of ferrying these lilac folders to different departments.

The end goal: a finished, printed, as perfect as we possibly can make it issue of the magazine on sale in your local yarn shop or favorite bookstore.

And I get a lot of exercise.

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