Knitscene’s Fall photoshoot: Junkyards, wallpaper, and cupcakes, oh my!

I know it seems a little silly to be talking about our knitscene Fall issue, since knitscene Summer hasn't officially hit the shelves yet, but I know some of you have already spotted and snagged it; there have been reports that it's already sold out at some stores! (Don't worry, our warehouse is ready to ship more.) However, Lisa came out to Colorado last week, and we headed down to Denver for the Fall photoshoot, so I thought I'd show you a little bit of behind-the-scenes magic.

On Friday, we headed to Architectural Artifacts, a salvage yard in north Denver that specializes in pieces from the 1880s to the 1940s. We were climbing and balancing on objects all around the yard, shooting a full day of projects from one story. (Please forgive the quality of the photos, I was using my phone's camera!)

That's Mallory and Brad, two-thirds of the photography team, checking the light on Christopher, who is modeling an amazing shawl-collar cardigan from designer Alexis Winslow. Her Figurehead Shawl appears in the Summer issue, and while it's designed for a guy, I kind of want to knit this for myself.

That's Sophie, who modeled Romi Hill's Alexandra Hoodie on the cover of knitscene Fall 2010. She's wearing a pullover from new-to-knitscene designer Avril Lang, all the way from France. My phone started to die around this point, as I was taking tons of photos of the cool artifacts around the salvage yard, so unfortunately this is the last of the in-progress shots I have from day one.

Day two was also down in Denver, at our photographer's studio in the Santa Fe Arts district of the city. If you ever get a chance to visit Denver and wander around, I highly recommend scoping out Santa Fe Drive. It's full of neat little galleries and awesome wall art, with tons of character and some really great food (I'll get to that in a moment). Day two also gave rise to what I am affectionately calling the Great Wallpaper Debacle.

This is Mallory, prepping the stage wall for wallpapering.

This is one side of the stage wall, all papered with this fantastic Art Nouveau-esque paper for one of the story themes. What you don't see are any shots of the wallpaper a few hours later, as it had started to come off the wall. So Kit, knitscene's designer, and I pulled it off, took it to the back room, and used duct tape to piece it together and reattach it to the wall. Duct tape really can be used for everything.

While we were fighting with wallpaper, Lisa and the crew were outside in the alleyway, getting some outdoorsy photos of projects for another story. That's Brooke, another former cover model (you can see her wearing Melissa Wehrle's Chiton Pullover from knitscene Winter/Spring 11) in a sweater designed by Melissa Goodale, who wrote about mitered corners in the Summer issue and designed the Montour Falls Cardigan.

For the last bit of the shoot, we moved inside to shoot our designer collection (Fall's featured designer is a secret! shhh!) and the last story of the day (the one with the wallpaper, of which I didn't take any photos—I was rather irrationally angry with that wallpaper).

And then there were cupcakes from Frills Cake Shop just up the street, in honor of the birthday of our fabulous hair and make-up artist, Kathy MacKay.

Yeah, I really just wanted to post a photo of cupcakes. Sorry.

So that was my weekend! I did manage to get some knitting done, and did not manage to get duct tape stuck in my hair. I consider this a win.

Happy knitting!


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